Dear Nephews,
I have decided  i would give you guys some advice on women. Since you guys range in age from 34 to 2, i decided to make sure i cover all my bases. While i’m sure you are all thinking, has she been drinking again…, i have not, (well, not until after i finish writing this) but i do want you guys to know that I only want the best for you guys. i want you guys to be in happy, positive, fulfilling relationship (with women, but if you don’t like women, the same advise will probably apply to men also). With so much crap going on between men and women these days, i want you guys to be able to determine who is worth and who is worthless.
1.You are not CAPTAIN SAVE A HOE
Guess what, you aren’t Superman, Batman or The Green Hornet either. Don’t RESCUE any woman until she’s in imminent danger. This does NOT include her getting evicted from her home (she needs to get her finances straight-without your money), her babydaddy/ex/ex-husband is beating her ass, she lost her job and has to move in with her mother/family members, her car broke down, her baby need pampers and milk or any other EXCUSE you brings to you. Say, oh wow, sorry to hear that. I can’t help you but I will pray for you.
Leave her ass where you found her.
2. She has more than 2 kids by 2 different men before she is 21.
She can’t listen or learn. This chick doesn’t think fat meat is greasy. Unless she is a victim of rape or incest, she  WILLINGLY had sex with guy(s) who were using her as a bouncing ball. Yes, i know, I’m being mean, but guess what…
Children are a blessing, so is common sense
and she’s not using hers.
There is NO REASON in this day and age ANYONE should get pregnant by ‘accident’. She is not Jamie Lyn Spears. She is probably NOT independently wealthy, and is living with family and/or her income is being supplemented by the Federal and State Governments. If, (and that’s a big IF) she’s getting child support, its probably not enough and that whole situation is something you should avoid like the plague.
again, refer to Statement #1

Leave her ass where you found her

3. You cannot turn a HOE into a HOUSEWIFE
I’m sure there are some very nice strippers in that club. Yea, okay. There are also very nice women who work at Macy’s, Go to Virginia Tech and work for the post office. Guess what, they aren’t shaking their asses in front of some guys face on the chance that he’s going to give them $$ to look up her vagina. Yes, the recession hit everyone hard, but guess what. Not that damn hard. If she thinks that’s the only way she can make money ‘legitimately’, keep moving.
Leave her ass where you found her
4. If she thinks all men are untrustworthy, cheaters and liars, she’s damaged goods.
If you meet a woman and she tells you that her ex and ALL her other ex’s mistreated and abused her, then tell her to get some therapy and take your ass home. She needs to be alone and figure out why SHE keeps attracting losers. If you just HAVE to date this mental case, I can tell you now what’s going to happen. She’s going to call you all the time, accuse you of being ‘just like all the other guys’, start timing you on how long it will take you to go from her house to yours, will lose her mind if you don’t give her all your passwords to Facebook  Twitter, Myspace  your work and personal emails and pass codes to your voice mail.
(if you give this nut ANY of your passwords, i will personally kick your ass)
She had self-esteem, jealousy and many other issues that you are not professionally trained to deal with. I don’t care if she says because you guys are ‘dating’ or ‘together’ she should have the pass codes. And if she tries that, “everyone does it’ speech, tell her to call me. I can assure you, you won’t be in a ‘relationship’ with her after i’m finished…
Leave her ass where you found her
5. She had kids (more than 1) and expects if you date her, you have to do for her kids too.
again, refer to Rule #1 and #2. 
If you date a woman with children, you are NOT obligated to do anything for her children. They have a father(s), its not you. I don’t care if their father is in jail, dead or a deadbeat, those children are NOT your responsibility. PERIOD. Do not pay for babysitters if you go out on dates (her kids-her responsibility) if she can’t afford a babysitter, then she’ can’t come out and play. When you decide to have children, guess what you are now a ‘grown-up’, whether you are 16 or 36. Any women who tells you that she doesn’t have a babysitter and has to bring the kids on the date isn’t someone you need to be dating. If she tells you that YOU have to pay for a babysitter if you want to date her, guess what, there are PLENTY of childless women out there, you wont be alone for long. If she expects you to buy her children birthday, school supplies, school trips and Christmas presents, etc …

Leave h

er ass where you found her.
6. She is drama filled from the day you meet her.
There’s drama and then there’s “the police have been called drama” If she’s ever been arrested for domestic violence, can’t go into certain areas because she has ‘beef’ with some chicks there, had to move from one area of the country to another because of ‘problems’, etc. Leave her ass alone. If your car is keyed up when you are at her place, if some guy calls your phone telling you to leave his ‘woman’ alone, if she tells you she’s ‘separated’ but never filed any papers and still lives with her husband or with her mother, she is going to get your ass killed, attacked or arrested. If you were dating a friend of her’s and now dating her, (you are triflin-but that’s another posting) I’m telling you right now, i don’t have bail money for all of you guys, someone is going to be left out…

Leave her ass where you found her

7. She tells you she’s about her plans for the future but you don’t see any results
She is either telling you what she thinks you want to hear to keep you interested, she’s lazy as hell or she’s having mental heath issues. None of which are in your best interest. If any women tells you if you do something then she’s do something to better herself, she’s got fuckin issues. Don’t get duped by some woman who says she’s get her driver’s license if you guys move in together. If she won’t get it for herself, she damn sure won’t get it for you. You should want to be with someone who has her own goals, dreams and aspirations, if she isn’t striving to better herself, with or without you, why are you with her…?
Again, Leave her ass where you found her. 

I don’t want you guys to think that I am being harsh and judgmental on women (yea, i am) but i want YOU to be with women who are bring something to the table more than her ass and a couple of kids. You can destroy your credit, mental heath and your car on your own. You do not need a woman to do that for you.

I love you all

Aunt Jinks


Its been a long time…

Its been a minute and i’m sorry for that. This ‘process’ or lack of an adequate term has been a bit ‘rough’ to say the least. I have been writing. but not for my blog (isn’t that something) That’s the bad news. The good news is people have commented about my blog thus far. I’m getting favorable reviews and when someone tells you that you’re funny, well, that make anyone feel good. unless you weren’t trying to be funny; then that’s bad. But when funny is a compliment (as it has been) i’ll take it. Yes, i’m greedy like that. 

For a while there, Murphy’s Law wasn’t just a theory. It was like a hurricane that never left. Outside of my heath, i lost several things that i cherished these past couple of months. I have to say i love my girlfriends. They told me that i shouldn’t worry about what I’ve lost, because i’ll get it back and then some.  I do know that, but again, some of the stuff i lost was sentimental in value. I did however gain perspective, which while i had before, i really learned about who is important to me. I also learned not to take myself to seriously. cause, while i can be a very, very serious person, i really am a very silly, joke, laughing person too. 

so here’s what i wont promise:

1. that i will write daily. 

     sometimes i will get writer’s block and its just not gonna happen.

2. I will write something profound.

     um, no. while it maybe profound to me, you will read it and say, “what the hell is she smoking”

3.  I will ‘play nice’

     um, no. I’m going to tell everyone’s business (with alias of course) to illustrate a point. If you don’t want me to tell,          don’t tell me.  (you know who you are)

4. I will write more and more often.

    i think i can do that. especially because i’m a bit more motivated to express myself.

5. I will try to reach out to other bloggers.

    i’ve been reading some blogs that i find interesting, so perhaps i should be a good neighbor?

6. I will talk about my radio show on

    i just did the inaugural episode… its not Ryan Secress, but i’ll get it together.