Your time is limited




Live your life for you. Life your life abundantly, hopefully, loving, honestly, faithfully, with awareness, strength, honor, commitment and love. Don’t be scared to open your heart, love unconditionally, be worthy, be strong, be fearless, be open, laugh, love, cherish those who mean something to you. life is too short.


R.I.P. Della Haynes

Stop wasting your time

waste your time twice

stop thinking that ‘this time’ will be different. it will not

stop thinking ‘they have changed’, they have not.

stop thinking you are a bad person if you give them ‘another’ chance, you are not

stop thinking about what others might think if you DON’T give them another chance, because people make mistakes right? Um, Yea, but it does NOT mean YOU have to be the recipient of their ‘mistake’ over and over again.

stop thinking you have to ‘turn the other cheek’ with family. you can turn your cheek while you are walking out the door.

stop thinking that friendships are forever, friendships are like seasons, they change. and no two are the same and no season last forever.

stop thinking this person is the only person in the world who will love you. There are 3-6 billion people on earth. trust me, there are at least 10,000 people who, if given a chance, will love you the way you need to be loved.

Your time is valuable. If you don’t value it, no one else will

something wicked comes this way.

According to my younger brother, i eat men for breakfast. Once my brother, one of his friends and the friend’s brother were at our house playing PlayStation.  The friend’s brother asked my brother about me when i walked out the room. My brother later told me that he didn’t even turn away from the game and said:

“Man, She eats men like you for a snack.”

All i could do was laugh. It wasn’t as if he was lying. When my younger brother was 6, he and another brother would blackmail my dates. I would never understand why my dates would kill themselves to bring my brothers on dates with us, or buy them anything they wanted during the date or bring them back food from various restaurants. I was like, “um, they are good.” but no… my dates would kill themselves to make my brothers happy. It wasn’t until a few years ago my younger brother admitted that they would tell my dates “if we don’t like you, SHE’s not going to go out with you again”, so of course, my dates took their threats seriously.


Being pimped out by a 6 and 14 year old. I don’t know which was worse, the fact that they were good at it or the fact that the guys i dated bought it. Unfortunately, my brothers still have an influence on my dating life. If i am serious about someone and they object… its not good odds for them (the boyfriend). It also helps they live in 2 different states and i rarely introduce them to anyone (HHAHAHA)

As i have talked about in a prior blog, certain things remind me of my ex. I’ve been pretty good at trying to work through my feelings for him (which are definitely not the same as before) but i also know that its the nature of the beast of love.

My dating history is someone like this

(according to my brother)


my college boyfriend

After college boyfriend


late 20’s/30’s dating







the ex



the new guy




i promised myself  i’d behave.  i’d be a kinder, gentler me….


i lied….

I decided to participate in the NaBloMo for the month of April. This means I have to post every day in April. Now that’s going to be interesting LOL. I lost my last posting after typing it twice, perhaps because of the topic, my higher power just didn’t want me to post it, Well just yet anyhow. So, what really am I going to write about this month? Well, considering this blog really is about everything, I’m going to narrow this month down to love, sex, relationship and marriage. And perhaps I will learn something more about myself. My birthday is this month, so I typically write every day until my birthday in my journals.

What does a birthday mean anyhow? Another year of getting older? Finding another gray hair (ugh) or be reminded of what you haven’t done that you thought you would have by now? Whatever happened to being happy just to be alive? Don’t get me wrong, I’m very very happy to be alive. Considering how many deaths I’ve witnessed in my life. Maybe we are suppose to take stock of what things we have to be grateful for. Gratitude is a wonderful virtue. I could be grateful that I’m alive. I have a roof over my head, a working car (most times) and a job (well, liking it, not really). Human beings, for the most part, are never satisified. We want more. We want what the other person has. Whether or not it is for us, fit us, will make us happy.

It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. A good book, a good meal, a nice soft bed.

My goals this year are simple. Doing something I love (and hopefully I can get paid for), moving to a very cute townhouse, getting a cat and traveling more often. I want to take every day and make it special. I want to smell the roses, avoid the thorns and try to smile at most things coming my way.