white women and the justice system

An Italian Court decided yesterday that Amanda Knox and her ex boyfriend should be released after 4 yrs for the murder of Meredith Kercher. While her family continues to grieve and relieve her death over and over, Amanda Knox and her boyfriend go home to their families. No one should have to go through the ordeal of their loved ones being murdered, especially as heinous as Meredith’s murder. While the American press is just exploding about how this ‘innocent’ girl is coming home after being ‘tortured’ and forced to endure this ‘miscarriage’ of justice, i’m left with the same feeling i had when I saw Susan Smith on TV crying about the return of her children.

Something just doesnt smell right…

You and your ‘new’ boyfriend are going to spend the night together, Your roomate is home. Okay. She comes up dead. You and your boyfriend tell the police one story after another about not being home, being home, you were home, heard her screaming and covered your ears. HUH? But you had no problem naming two different black guys as suspects. One of which had a solid alibi. Patrick Lumumbu  was able to get a judgement of defamation against her and she owes him money, while Rudy Guede was convicted and sentenced to 30 years.

Why is it that the black man is an acceptable alias for murder?

oh yea, since always.

The history of the American South is filled with black men lynched and tortured to death based on the word of a white woman. Only to have the white woman, years later, (after she found religious naturally) ‘admit’ she was ‘mistaken’. Oh yea, and we can just pull him out of that grave, pat him on the back and say, ” sorry ’bout that lynching. our bad’. WTF . Seriously.

Oh she says, they badgered me, harassed me, threatened me. i was so tired, i was scared, i was in a foreign country… Um yea. First problem, you weren’t in America. All the niceties of our criminal justice system aren’t even broached at the border. Second, stop blaming the black man. Its a damn shame that even in Italy, black men can be thrown under a bus for any crime. Third. I find it hard to believe that you can ‘invent’ several versions of what you did that night and say someone ‘forced’ you to do so. If Amanda and her family want me to believe that she’s some poor, dumb, innocent, unschooled in the ways of life and the world and having these police men, “Gasp” YELL and scream at her would make her say things that were not true, I say this to them.

You are a bunch of fools.

No one wants to believe their child was involved in a murder or even had bad intentions. Guess what, they do. daily. Yes, College age white girls from Seattle, WA can be murderers. Did Amanda kill her, maybe not, but maybe she was more of a participant in the actions that lead to Meredith’s murder than she is letting on. Unfortunately, now that she is safely headed to American shores, Her family is going to use the media to keep the focus off the truth and onto the important matter, their precious little white college student is safe from the evil Italian judicial system.