Dear Amber, Khloe, Kanye, Tyga and Kylie

Dear Amber, Khole, Kanye, Tyga and Kylie,

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While you all have attempted the first group shade the internet and entertainment news cycle these past weeks, I’m not sure what it really accomplished except to expose all of your collective business. I realize there is all sorts of hate and bad blood between most of you but guess what? Who the fuck really cares? None of you are curing cancer. None of you are making any significant difference in the lives of anyone outside of the social media search engine developers finding new ways to create traffic to your social media accounts.

Harsh yes, but while I’m a pretty live let live kinda woman, this bullshit here (and its bullshit) is giving me a fucking headache. With the exception of Kylie Jenner (she’s a minor) the rest of you are way too fucking old for this shit. Did any of you graduate from high school? The shade being thrown is so beyond anything that makes sense. How can you be mad at someone who made a sex tape when you been stripping and have probably done a lot worse, not on camera, for and because someone was PAYING you? Just because you “own it” doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. And please don’t give me that, “I was a stripper with morals” speech. Stripping by definition and practice means that you will do WHATEVER to WHOMEVER is paying. The fact that you felt the need to provide for your family indicates a level of dysfunction in your living conditions that are sad and painful. That was not your responsibility to provide for your family. You were a minor. Your “decision” to strip wasn’t yours to make, as you were not legally allowed to do so. This means that those clubs you danced in, those after-hours clubs you danced in, those men whose laps you danced on, and all the various things you did until you were 18 years old with whomever , they were complicit in child sex trafficking. Let’s be clear on THAT for a moment.

So perhaps when you made reference to Kylie Jenner & Tyga’s “friendship” I’m sure you were coming from a place of ‘been there/done that’, so you recognized that game.

However, the proper way to handle your view on that situation would have been to contact the police ASAP, if Kylie’s mother doesn’t seem too concerned about the issues or these people as Kanye has started talking (per the tabloids and confirmed Tyga’s & Kylie’s ‘relationship)

I understand that Tyga is your friend’s baby-daddy BUT he ain’t yours. Your friend needs to co-parent with him, just as YOU need to learn to co-parent with your soon-to-be ex husband Wiz. She can speak for herself. Your being her ‘savior’ isn’t a good look for her. I understand your friend Blac Chyna is but hurt but this is not the first time and it won’t be the last a man will hurt her feelings. And yours either.

Oh and videos you keep posting are not helping your cause either. You don’t have much room to talk about Kim and HER video (ONE) when you are posting this and this types of videos online. So because it’s not a man involved it’s okay?

While I am NOT a Kim K fan, and for the record, I’ve never seen the video, I don’t think she and Ray J made that video thinking they would be on From all account, it was 2 consenting adults making a private video, like MOST celebrity videos are (with exception to that silly ass Mimi Faust bathroom swinging porn fiasco). What she did in the video isn’t what THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of women have done for their own man IN PRIVATE behind CLOSED doors, including a man jacking off on their faces AND getting peed on. I am not going to judge anyone’s kink (unless it involves minor and animals).

That being said, When you come for someone’s sibling, don’t act surprised when they come for you. That’s what Khloe did. And I don’t think too many other woman would not have done the same thing. If this wasn’t a celebrity thing, she would have come for you in different way, which would have involved the police, her and her BFFs and possible hospitalization.

Khloe, I know you are very protective of your family and your family’s reality shows do indicate how much you love them but IF in fact your youngest sister and Tyga do have something going on, you should check that and quick. A mid 20- something man SHOULD NOT be ‘friends’ with still in high school no matter how you slice it. I am sure your sister is a lovely young woman but this is about being age-appropriate and setting healthy boundaries. This friendship is clearly not. If this was either one of YOUR nieces, you would have put paws on this dude like yesterday. I don’t doubt that your sister has her shit together or is doing her thing (whatever it is) in Hollywood

In case any of you DID NOT KNOW (or those high-powered attorneys you hired didn’t tell you).


So, given Tyga’s interviews and pictures of your sister Kylie and Tyga and social media, I wouldn’t be surprised if your mom Kris gets a surprise visit from state authorities.

What makes outsiders think this is ‘creepy’ and inappropriate is the fact that, despite your high regard for your baby sister, she’s still a minor. We all know minors make some fucked up-life altering decisions (as well as young adults) and being involved with a GROWN ASS MAN who is at least 25 years old is an unacceptable period. I don’t care if he is a ‘family friend’. It is flat-out inappropriate and reeks of manipulation. What possible companionship can your sister offer to a man with a child? Besides sex and money? So is TYGA worth $4 million dollars as your 17-year-old sister is reportedly worth?

Can HE provide for your sister to the lifestyle to which she was raised? So tell me (and everyone else) what type of mental stimulation can she provide when her life experience has been reality television since she was 11 YEARS OLD and is home-schooled?

I’ll wait.


Your punk ass needs to quit. Going on radio pretending that white people and black people are so fundamentally polar opposite that we can’t agree on basis shit. Like how RKellyish you are at the moment

Kylie Jenner is SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD. You were born BEFORE Ms. Jenner. There is a difference between dating a woman who was born in 1989 and woman who was born in 1997. As you are a California Native, I will remind YOU that the age of consent is 18 in the state of California Those social media pictures of you too all cuddled up and hanging . Dude, so not a good look. Let’s be clear here. What flies in Hollywood, The hip-hop circles you run in and all that other BS you hang around, just because you and those of your ‘ilk don’t think ‘dating’ under age young girls is problematic does not mean the rest of us in “Middle America” do not. For all the pontificating on the subject, most people of rational decision-making individuals who are 18 years or older see this for what it is, a 20 something year old single man with a child and ex baby-momma fucking around with a 17-year-old.

Did I leave out anything?

Lest I forget, California has a different approach to adult men having “relationships” with younger women. I would suggest that you start looking into retaining a California Defense attorney who specializes in sex crimes.

Kanye, I’m going to need you to get off the internet for about 10 years. I understand your mother’s death took a part of your soul, but acting like you are butt hurt constantly, well. It’s not a good look. You are tired of cameras in your face. I can imagine but guess what? Talk to celebrities who DO NOT have cameras in their faces all the time. Let them give YOU tips on how to have a life away from the spotlight. Do you realize that there are some celebrities who are NOT fodder for the tabloids? They have much respect in their creative circles and within the general public? When they do show up for award shows, dinner and events, people are actually, genuinely HAPPY to see them? You might want to try meeting with them (in private) because whomever your PR people/BRANDING people are, they are not doing a good job.

As far as Amber goes, by your own admission, she was a placeholder for your now wife. Again, just because she (Amber was your busy station) until the love of your life became available does not mean she is not worthy of respect. For the time you spent together you sported her on your arm to EVERY EVENT known to man while you were together. If the stories are to be believed, you even PAID her after your breakup. Now, I have yet to pay anyone I have broken up with anything but wishing them a broken leg, you sir, paid said ex stripper a million? or more???

Aright Then.

Regardless of how and why you and Amber broke up, it ended. Move on. While I realize she came for your young sister-in-law, you have enough lawyers on speed dial to put a kibosh on her mouth. I can only hope you had some built-in keep your mouth shut clause built-in to your settlement with Ms. Rose, or else you paid your lawyers way too much money for their services.

I will also add this. Tyga is too fucking old to be messing with Kylie. Grow a pair and treat her as if she was YOUR daughter NORTH. Take his ass outside and handle him like a man. If you can swing on cameramen for getting to close to your wife and daughter, Tyga shouldn’t be much of a stretch.

Kylie, while I’m sure you think you are GROWN, young lady, you are NOT. I understand that you are trying to make a place in the world for yourself and us ‘regular’ people just don’t understand. You are right, we don’t. That’s because we haven’t had cameras in our faces since we were children. Look at some of the Hollywood stars who HAVE had cameras in their faces since they were a child. Their young adult years haven’t always been pleasant, even with two parents.

I know you probably believe that your ‘friendship’ with Tyga is all that, but let’s look at it for what it is. A 20 something year old man is keeping you company. You are not even old enough to be in most bars after a certain period of the evening. And drinking? Most established probably only allow you because they want the free air time of one of your clan’s shows. While your mother may let you drink at home, guess what, doing it outside of there is ILLEGAL. While you may be famous, no ONE is trying to lose their livelihood over you. And no sweetheart, you can’t afford to pay for ALL the lawsuits that will come your way if you drunk-drive and hurt or kill someone. While you may be famous, no ONE is trying to lose their livelihood over you. And no sweetheart, you can’t afford to pay for ALL the lawsuits that will come your way if you drunk-drive and hurt or kill someone.

I understand that you think that this is your ‘life’ and your ‘business’ and you should be able to live your life any way you want. You are right. When you are 18, feel free. You have until August 10 to be a guest in your parent’s home, and then you can bolt the very next day, since you decided home school isn’t going to keep you away from your ‘career’. Your childhood ends at 18 legally unless you have been emancipated by the courts. Maybe you have done this, maybe not but trust and believe, outside of your Jenner/Kardashian clan bubble, the world is a very different place. Men exploit young women and men like yourself for snacks daily. In some instances, your family’s reputation will harm you more than do you good. I could list a million Hollywood stores of men who have eaten alive young women like yourself and how it affected them to the end of their lives. While Amber Rose wasn’t exactly tactful in her commentary about your friendship with Tyga, there as a valid point to what she said. He has no business being around you, ‘friend’ or not.

While you may consider yourself grown, physically, developmentally and emotionally you are not. While you have the financial resources to do whatever you want at 17, many of those watching you on the shows you are on do not. You are a role model in some circles, whether you like it or not. While you see nothing wrong with your friendship with Tyga, some young girl is under the impression that if you can do it, so can she. So SHE will seek out relationships with older men, who unlike Tyga, will not have her best interest in mind. Would you like to understand why many woman and men are up in arms about your friendship, try googling teen pregnancy statistics? Did you know that many young women are impregnated by men who are over 20, somewhere in the area of like over 50% OR MORE? Men who are OVER 20 are impregnating young women 18 AND YOUNGER every day in this country.

While you have the financial resources to hire a nanny (or 2) have 3-4 baby showers, buy yourself a new house for you and your baby and NEVER worry about how you will pay for it all. Those young girls who are emulating you? They don’t have Kim, Khloe or Kourtney or even your mom to pay for the things they need on a daily basis to take care of their children. They won’t have your brothers to play with their child while they are at an ‘event’ or awards show to be seen. Do you even know what it’s like to have to choose between your children having milk or you have your cell phone working? Do you know what it’s like to have the father of your child deny he’s the father and refuse ANY contact with your or your child or pay any support to said child?

No, you will NEVER know that way of life.

If you want to know how you WILL be treated by Tyga in the future, all you have to do is look at Blac Chyna.
Do not for one second believe that he will treat you different. He will not. While he’s hugged up with you, did it ever occur to you that he should be spending time with his son, that’s when he’s not in the ‘studio’ or making appearances or in concert?

Please tell me what you talk about? I mean what type of serious conversations do you have with a 20 something year old man? Politics? 401(k) s, clothes? Obamacare? Please tell us what types of conversations do you have with this man? Because I’m speak for everyone when I say that your conversations are of a limited nature. Despite your families’ reality show circle, you do not have the life-experiences of a 25-26 year old woman, you just do not. Nothing you can say will make most people feel different. For that matter ask most 25-26 year old women if they are even DATING the same man they were dating when they were 17 years old and they will grimace in embarrassment. They will tell you that they are a different person at 17 than they are now and their dating habits and lifestyles have changed drastically (if they have matured on any level)

AND they are finally seeing the impact of their life-decisions from their short-term and long-term decision from that age.

When YOU become 25-26, YOU will not be the same person you are today. Your life will not be the same in many areas, including your parents.

What Amber said (as fucked up as it was) was because SHE has been where you are right now, except she didn’t have anyone looking out for her best interest. She didn’t have any adult in her life to say. NO, this behavior and these influences are unacceptable in your life AND do something about it. Whether it was to call the police or just remove her physically from the situation.

As you get older you will learn that sometimes, it’s not the messenger but the message you should be paying attention to.

at some point the bullshit gotta stop

Rape: my story

I’ve debated whether I would talk about this. Its a personal story. My story but every woman who has ever been raped story. The story of every young girl who was betrayed by a boy story. The story of every woman and man who thought it was their fault. Thought they deserved it. Somehow, some disjointed rational thought, these believe it was their fault. no matter now deranged the person committing the assault tries to make them believe that they didn’t ‘do’ anything to them, not really. The act itself doesn’t last forever, but the pain, humiliation, negative feelings about yourself, about others seem eternal. the constant criticism about your decision making abilities, and let’s not forget the total decimation of your soul and self-esteem. The well is so deep you almost feel as if you are 10 feet from China. 

I have lived this part of me for so long, it was second nature. Even after I “knew” it wasn’t my fault, i didn’t “know” it wasn’t my fault. it was part of my DNA at that point. I didn’t tell, so who would know? eventually i did tell someone. He told me that he’d knew other women who were raped also. I didn’t ask about them. I almost didn’t tell him but i did. Then I almost immediately regretted it. Not because he wasn’t compassionate, but because I didn’t want him to think I was broken in some way. 

It has taken me a lot of time, thought and letting go to realize that I am not broken. 

This is my story.


I was 15. he was 14. He was a former neighbor who I thought was a friend. I worked every Saturday  From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at a police station. I would catch the bus back and forth to work. I would have to pass my old neighborhood. As i had a more than an hour wait for the bus, he would suggest I stop by his house, under the pretext that there was no sense in me waiting in the cold for hours for an unreliable bus.

So I went. At first, we would just talk then talking turned into making out and more. I was hesitant to come back, but he would insist each time that he didn’t mean it and he was ‘sorry’. I would tell myself that I wasn’t going to go back yet he would call and apologize and say nothing was going to happen. I fell for it a couple of time. Finally, I decided this is the last time. So I went. I thought I would be okay because I was on my cycle. I thought thought would be enough to ‘deter’ him. It wasn’t. We went to his room. He started kissing me. I told him NO. He told me that he didn’t care. I told him No again. He started pulling on my clothes. I told him NO and got up from the bed. He started laughing as i straighten my clothes and started for the door. He blocked me. Told me he didn’t care what I ‘thought’ and I was going to fuck him. I told him NO. He reached towards the door and pulled out a long barreled gun. I wasn’t going to be scared. I told him to move. He laughed. I told him I was leaving. he pumped the gun 20 times and pointed it at my chest. Told me i wasn’t going anywhere until i fucked him. I said “fuck you”. He laughed and pumped the gun 20 more times. i realized he was serious. then i became angry. I said “Fuck you, move.” He laughed and pumped the gun 15 times. he raised the gun and pointed it at my head and fired. the bullet went past my right ear.  I tried to not let him know just how terrified I was. He knew i disliked guns with a passion. I He started pumping the gun again. I tried not to let him know just how scared I was. He backed up and went out the door, still pointing the gun at me. he said that being on my period didn’t mean anything, he’d get a towel. I could hear the door locking from the outside. I stood there, trying to figure out what to do. I looked at the two windows. while this was a one story home and i wouldn’t break my neck jumping, i knew i’d cut myself jumping out the window. I hoped the windows were open, but they were locked. before i had a chance to try the windows, he came back with a towel. he laid the towel on the bed and told me to lie down. I was like, NO. he pumped the gun 20 more times. I realized he really was going to shoot me. I decided that maybe if he saw the blood, he would change his mind. He told me to take off my clothes. I told him i was on my period, again. He told me to lie on the towel and he held the gun in front of me. I took off my clothes, hoping, praying he would change his mind. I laid on the bed. he reached between my legs and pulled the tampon out. He threw it on the floor and crawled on top of me. I turned my head and looked out the window. i then realized that his older brother, who was 18, was watching us through the window and laughing. I turned and looked at the ceiling, wondering who else was watching my humiliation. 

After what seemed like forever. He got up. laughing. I remember just trying to get out of there so fast. I can’t even remember what he was saying. I just wanted out. I remember almost running out of the door, down the street to the bus stop. Thankfully, the bus came within 10 minutes. I sat on the bus looking out the window. When i got to my stop, i don’t think i remember walking home. I went straight to the bathroom and sat in the tub. I don’t think I even cried. I just sat there until the water ran cold. stunned. I didn’t tell anyone. No one. 

He called me a few days later. He told me I left my necklace. I told him to keep it. He reminded me that I loved that necklace. That it was special to me. That all I had to do was come over and he’d hand it to me. No sex. He kept assuring me that all he wanted to do was give me back the necklace. nothing else. nothing else he kept saying. Please come get your necklace. I told him that I would stop by, but he could leave the necklace in the mailbox. he agreed. 

On Saturday, I walked to his front door and looked into the mailbox. The necklace wasn’t there. he opened the door. Told me that the necklace was in his room, I should come in and he’d get it. I stood in the living room. He started goading me. Laughing, telling me how if he wanted, he could fuck me again. I started cussing him out. He stood in front of me and pushed me. In my anger, I put on hand behind me to brace myself on the couch and then lunged towards him. He moved to his right to dodge me. Then I realized why. His dog, a giant German Shepherd was standing directly behind him. His family had trained the dog to attack anyone who made a threatening move to them. The dog leaped towards my stomach. I turned to my left. Not quick enough as the dog grabbed me at the hip. Its teeth sank into my jeans. I could feel my flesh tearing within its teeth. The dog kept turning its head, back and forth. I stood there. More angry than in pain. The more the dog turned, the angrier i became. I stood there, watching him while he laughed. I looked him in the face and told him that if he didn’t call his dog off me, I’d rip its neck off. I started reaching for the dog’s neck. Anthony realized I was serious and pulled back the dog. I turned and started walking for the door. He stood there, holding the dog laughing. I walked to the bus stop before i realized that I was in pain. By the time the bus came, my side was throbbing. When I arrived at my stop, i hobbled off the bus. I was home before i realized that my jeans were torn at my right hip. When i took off my pants, I was bleeding. I couldn’t tell anyone without explaining why I was there in the first place. I stood in the mirror pouring alcohol and peroxide into the dog bite, praying i wouldn’t get an infection or worse.

He called a few days later. he said that I ‘forgot’ the necklace. When would i be coming back to get it? I hung up the phone. he called back that Friday evening. Was I coming over tomorrow to pick up the necklace? I hung up the phone. He called back once or twice after that. I would always hang up on him. He eventually stopped calling.