now how the &**&^ did that happen…

Now this is embarrassing. I thought all this time these wonderful and witty post were on the internet for all to see. Imagine my surprise when i looked. BLAM!


take about a letdown. so where the hell are they??

i have no clue.

talk about being rather pissy. at myself.

so what do i do know, because of course, i didn’t back them up. anywhere. cause, well, i was a bonehead.

So, now i have to try not to hit myself in the head with a shovel and come up with a plan.

Here’s the plan.

write more often.

get on top of my damn postings.

cause my audience misses me.


NaBloPoMo is HERE!-30 days of posting….are you kidding me!

Okay, here’s the deal. there is a ‘thing’ called National Blog Posting Month for November. It involves bloggers posting every day for 30 days. There is also a National Novel Writing Month in of November also. Talk about a lot of dang writing!!!

I’m going to be absolutely tired and have achy fingers by the end of this.

Sometimes I will post pictures and a short ‘something’ behind it, other times,its gonna be a long, windy, mouthy moments of WTH by yours truly. 

I expect nothing and everything. I expect that in the middle of this i will have some ‘moment’ that will make me look at this laptop and say “THAT’S IT” and then there is going to be times when i’m going to say, “SCREW THIS AND THE HORSE IT CAME ON” bear with me in advance.

if you are interested in learning more about either one, check out the links below:

so, with that, i have 2 blogs for today LOL!!! 

good luck to me!