Dear Amber, Khloe, Kanye, Tyga and Kylie

Dear Amber, Khole, Kanye, Tyga and Kylie,

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While you all have attempted the first group shade the internet and entertainment news cycle these past weeks, I’m not sure what it really accomplished except to expose all of your collective business. I realize there is all sorts of hate and bad blood between most of you but guess what? Who the fuck really cares? None of you are curing cancer. None of you are making any significant difference in the lives of anyone outside of the social media search engine developers finding new ways to create traffic to your social media accounts.

Harsh yes, but while I’m a pretty live let live kinda woman, this bullshit here (and its bullshit) is giving me a fucking headache. With the exception of Kylie Jenner (she’s a minor) the rest of you are way too fucking old for this shit. Did any of you graduate from high school? The shade being thrown is so beyond anything that makes sense. How can you be mad at someone who made a sex tape when you been stripping and have probably done a lot worse, not on camera, for and because someone was PAYING you? Just because you “own it” doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. And please don’t give me that, “I was a stripper with morals” speech. Stripping by definition and practice means that you will do WHATEVER to WHOMEVER is paying. The fact that you felt the need to provide for your family indicates a level of dysfunction in your living conditions that are sad and painful. That was not your responsibility to provide for your family. You were a minor. Your “decision” to strip wasn’t yours to make, as you were not legally allowed to do so. This means that those clubs you danced in, those after-hours clubs you danced in, those men whose laps you danced on, and all the various things you did until you were 18 years old with whomever , they were complicit in child sex trafficking. Let’s be clear on THAT for a moment.

So perhaps when you made reference to Kylie Jenner & Tyga’s “friendship” I’m sure you were coming from a place of ‘been there/done that’, so you recognized that game.

However, the proper way to handle your view on that situation would have been to contact the police ASAP, if Kylie’s mother doesn’t seem too concerned about the issues or these people as Kanye has started talking (per the tabloids and confirmed Tyga’s & Kylie’s ‘relationship)

I understand that Tyga is your friend’s baby-daddy BUT he ain’t yours. Your friend needs to co-parent with him, just as YOU need to learn to co-parent with your soon-to-be ex husband Wiz. She can speak for herself. Your being her ‘savior’ isn’t a good look for her. I understand your friend Blac Chyna is but hurt but this is not the first time and it won’t be the last a man will hurt her feelings. And yours either.

Oh and videos you keep posting are not helping your cause either. You don’t have much room to talk about Kim and HER video (ONE) when you are posting this and this types of videos online. So because it’s not a man involved it’s okay?

While I am NOT a Kim K fan, and for the record, I’ve never seen the video, I don’t think she and Ray J made that video thinking they would be on From all account, it was 2 consenting adults making a private video, like MOST celebrity videos are (with exception to that silly ass Mimi Faust bathroom swinging porn fiasco). What she did in the video isn’t what THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of women have done for their own man IN PRIVATE behind CLOSED doors, including a man jacking off on their faces AND getting peed on. I am not going to judge anyone’s kink (unless it involves minor and animals).

That being said, When you come for someone’s sibling, don’t act surprised when they come for you. That’s what Khloe did. And I don’t think too many other woman would not have done the same thing. If this wasn’t a celebrity thing, she would have come for you in different way, which would have involved the police, her and her BFFs and possible hospitalization.

Khloe, I know you are very protective of your family and your family’s reality shows do indicate how much you love them but IF in fact your youngest sister and Tyga do have something going on, you should check that and quick. A mid 20- something man SHOULD NOT be ‘friends’ with still in high school no matter how you slice it. I am sure your sister is a lovely young woman but this is about being age-appropriate and setting healthy boundaries. This friendship is clearly not. If this was either one of YOUR nieces, you would have put paws on this dude like yesterday. I don’t doubt that your sister has her shit together or is doing her thing (whatever it is) in Hollywood

In case any of you DID NOT KNOW (or those high-powered attorneys you hired didn’t tell you).


So, given Tyga’s interviews and pictures of your sister Kylie and Tyga and social media, I wouldn’t be surprised if your mom Kris gets a surprise visit from state authorities.

What makes outsiders think this is ‘creepy’ and inappropriate is the fact that, despite your high regard for your baby sister, she’s still a minor. We all know minors make some fucked up-life altering decisions (as well as young adults) and being involved with a GROWN ASS MAN who is at least 25 years old is an unacceptable period. I don’t care if he is a ‘family friend’. It is flat-out inappropriate and reeks of manipulation. What possible companionship can your sister offer to a man with a child? Besides sex and money? So is TYGA worth $4 million dollars as your 17-year-old sister is reportedly worth?

Can HE provide for your sister to the lifestyle to which she was raised? So tell me (and everyone else) what type of mental stimulation can she provide when her life experience has been reality television since she was 11 YEARS OLD and is home-schooled?

I’ll wait.


Your punk ass needs to quit. Going on radio pretending that white people and black people are so fundamentally polar opposite that we can’t agree on basis shit. Like how RKellyish you are at the moment

Kylie Jenner is SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD. You were born BEFORE Ms. Jenner. There is a difference between dating a woman who was born in 1989 and woman who was born in 1997. As you are a California Native, I will remind YOU that the age of consent is 18 in the state of California Those social media pictures of you too all cuddled up and hanging . Dude, so not a good look. Let’s be clear here. What flies in Hollywood, The hip-hop circles you run in and all that other BS you hang around, just because you and those of your ‘ilk don’t think ‘dating’ under age young girls is problematic does not mean the rest of us in “Middle America” do not. For all the pontificating on the subject, most people of rational decision-making individuals who are 18 years or older see this for what it is, a 20 something year old single man with a child and ex baby-momma fucking around with a 17-year-old.

Did I leave out anything?

Lest I forget, California has a different approach to adult men having “relationships” with younger women. I would suggest that you start looking into retaining a California Defense attorney who specializes in sex crimes.

Kanye, I’m going to need you to get off the internet for about 10 years. I understand your mother’s death took a part of your soul, but acting like you are butt hurt constantly, well. It’s not a good look. You are tired of cameras in your face. I can imagine but guess what? Talk to celebrities who DO NOT have cameras in their faces all the time. Let them give YOU tips on how to have a life away from the spotlight. Do you realize that there are some celebrities who are NOT fodder for the tabloids? They have much respect in their creative circles and within the general public? When they do show up for award shows, dinner and events, people are actually, genuinely HAPPY to see them? You might want to try meeting with them (in private) because whomever your PR people/BRANDING people are, they are not doing a good job.

As far as Amber goes, by your own admission, she was a placeholder for your now wife. Again, just because she (Amber was your busy station) until the love of your life became available does not mean she is not worthy of respect. For the time you spent together you sported her on your arm to EVERY EVENT known to man while you were together. If the stories are to be believed, you even PAID her after your breakup. Now, I have yet to pay anyone I have broken up with anything but wishing them a broken leg, you sir, paid said ex stripper a million? or more???

Aright Then.

Regardless of how and why you and Amber broke up, it ended. Move on. While I realize she came for your young sister-in-law, you have enough lawyers on speed dial to put a kibosh on her mouth. I can only hope you had some built-in keep your mouth shut clause built-in to your settlement with Ms. Rose, or else you paid your lawyers way too much money for their services.

I will also add this. Tyga is too fucking old to be messing with Kylie. Grow a pair and treat her as if she was YOUR daughter NORTH. Take his ass outside and handle him like a man. If you can swing on cameramen for getting to close to your wife and daughter, Tyga shouldn’t be much of a stretch.

Kylie, while I’m sure you think you are GROWN, young lady, you are NOT. I understand that you are trying to make a place in the world for yourself and us ‘regular’ people just don’t understand. You are right, we don’t. That’s because we haven’t had cameras in our faces since we were children. Look at some of the Hollywood stars who HAVE had cameras in their faces since they were a child. Their young adult years haven’t always been pleasant, even with two parents.

I know you probably believe that your ‘friendship’ with Tyga is all that, but let’s look at it for what it is. A 20 something year old man is keeping you company. You are not even old enough to be in most bars after a certain period of the evening. And drinking? Most established probably only allow you because they want the free air time of one of your clan’s shows. While your mother may let you drink at home, guess what, doing it outside of there is ILLEGAL. While you may be famous, no ONE is trying to lose their livelihood over you. And no sweetheart, you can’t afford to pay for ALL the lawsuits that will come your way if you drunk-drive and hurt or kill someone. While you may be famous, no ONE is trying to lose their livelihood over you. And no sweetheart, you can’t afford to pay for ALL the lawsuits that will come your way if you drunk-drive and hurt or kill someone.

I understand that you think that this is your ‘life’ and your ‘business’ and you should be able to live your life any way you want. You are right. When you are 18, feel free. You have until August 10 to be a guest in your parent’s home, and then you can bolt the very next day, since you decided home school isn’t going to keep you away from your ‘career’. Your childhood ends at 18 legally unless you have been emancipated by the courts. Maybe you have done this, maybe not but trust and believe, outside of your Jenner/Kardashian clan bubble, the world is a very different place. Men exploit young women and men like yourself for snacks daily. In some instances, your family’s reputation will harm you more than do you good. I could list a million Hollywood stores of men who have eaten alive young women like yourself and how it affected them to the end of their lives. While Amber Rose wasn’t exactly tactful in her commentary about your friendship with Tyga, there as a valid point to what she said. He has no business being around you, ‘friend’ or not.

While you may consider yourself grown, physically, developmentally and emotionally you are not. While you have the financial resources to do whatever you want at 17, many of those watching you on the shows you are on do not. You are a role model in some circles, whether you like it or not. While you see nothing wrong with your friendship with Tyga, some young girl is under the impression that if you can do it, so can she. So SHE will seek out relationships with older men, who unlike Tyga, will not have her best interest in mind. Would you like to understand why many woman and men are up in arms about your friendship, try googling teen pregnancy statistics? Did you know that many young women are impregnated by men who are over 20, somewhere in the area of like over 50% OR MORE? Men who are OVER 20 are impregnating young women 18 AND YOUNGER every day in this country.

While you have the financial resources to hire a nanny (or 2) have 3-4 baby showers, buy yourself a new house for you and your baby and NEVER worry about how you will pay for it all. Those young girls who are emulating you? They don’t have Kim, Khloe or Kourtney or even your mom to pay for the things they need on a daily basis to take care of their children. They won’t have your brothers to play with their child while they are at an ‘event’ or awards show to be seen. Do you even know what it’s like to have to choose between your children having milk or you have your cell phone working? Do you know what it’s like to have the father of your child deny he’s the father and refuse ANY contact with your or your child or pay any support to said child?

No, you will NEVER know that way of life.

If you want to know how you WILL be treated by Tyga in the future, all you have to do is look at Blac Chyna.
Do not for one second believe that he will treat you different. He will not. While he’s hugged up with you, did it ever occur to you that he should be spending time with his son, that’s when he’s not in the ‘studio’ or making appearances or in concert?

Please tell me what you talk about? I mean what type of serious conversations do you have with a 20 something year old man? Politics? 401(k) s, clothes? Obamacare? Please tell us what types of conversations do you have with this man? Because I’m speak for everyone when I say that your conversations are of a limited nature. Despite your families’ reality show circle, you do not have the life-experiences of a 25-26 year old woman, you just do not. Nothing you can say will make most people feel different. For that matter ask most 25-26 year old women if they are even DATING the same man they were dating when they were 17 years old and they will grimace in embarrassment. They will tell you that they are a different person at 17 than they are now and their dating habits and lifestyles have changed drastically (if they have matured on any level)

AND they are finally seeing the impact of their life-decisions from their short-term and long-term decision from that age.

When YOU become 25-26, YOU will not be the same person you are today. Your life will not be the same in many areas, including your parents.

What Amber said (as fucked up as it was) was because SHE has been where you are right now, except she didn’t have anyone looking out for her best interest. She didn’t have any adult in her life to say. NO, this behavior and these influences are unacceptable in your life AND do something about it. Whether it was to call the police or just remove her physically from the situation.

As you get older you will learn that sometimes, it’s not the messenger but the message you should be paying attention to.

at some point the bullshit gotta stop

So, you put a ring on it and she’s not fucking you like a porn star anymore…

Over the years, in my conversation with married and divorced men, a variation of the same conversation has worked it way out. Before the ring, wifey made Vanessa Del Rio look like an terrified 18 yr old virgin on her wedding night. Janet’s “Anytime, Any place” wasn’t just a theme, it was a daily occurrence. I’m talking sex in public was a no-brainer. Sex at family reunion picnic? Do you have to ask? at 5am? Really honey, did you have to ask? walk in the door and i’m bent over the couch type of situations.Once talk of ‘marriage’ comes up, either the sex goes into over drive or it turns to ‘let’s wait until our wedding night’. The man goes along with it,(of course) because he thinks the sky’s the limit ON that first night as man and wife. Then a strange thing happens. That night, your wedding night:she’s ‘too tired’ from the days activities.

She’s not interested in doing ‘that’ tonight.

Now that she’s your ‘wife’, she doesn’t have to put her mouth on ‘that thing’ anymore.

Yes, she said the only dick she would suck would be her ‘husband’s’ but now that you guys are married, she still ‘wont’ suck it because… well, she doesn’t want to and you can’t make her.

BTW, she really doesn’t like you going down on her. She’s just not that into it.

Come to think of it, she wasn’t that good in bed to begin with, you think to yourself. She’s a “good woman” whatever that means, looks good on your arm, you would make cute babies with her, has drive and ambition, but sexually, she’s not hitting YOUR spot. You guys are out of sync sexually but you attribute it to her school schedule, her views on sex, anything, everything.

But what about her porn star behavior before you got married? Well, I don’t know what your talking about, she says.


Did you forget you used to pick me up from work with no bra and panties on? You don’t remember us going to the movies, sitting in the back row and you sitting on my lap f–king me for the entire movie?

That was then, we married now.

In the islands, on your honeymoon, Your Wifey is ‘tired’ and just wants to lay on the beach, in the cabana, in the room. Snorkeling with her husband, She passes. Wave riding. My hair will get wet. Sex? My hair will sweat out. Dinner. She’s dressed like a fashion model. walking around talking, socializing. Curling and fawning you in public. You think, wow, okay, she’s ready to give me some. When you get back to the hotel, she goes in the bathroom for hours, comes out in granny panties and an old woman gown and gets in bed with curlers in her hair.


Oh, I’m really not in the mood.

There you are, naked with a dick harder than Rush Limbaugh’s convictions, and your only choice is playtime in the shower. alone.

I’ve heard this record, fast, slow, up tempo, soft tempo, hard rock version, soft rock version, heavy metal version, operatic version, R & B version, Hip-Hop version. It wouldn’t be true if i didn’t hear it from all types of men, black, white, rich, poor, old, young, married once, married more than once. Some had kids before marriage, some had no kids, (but she did or he did, not by the other person)

When i first realized this was the same story, except a different guy’s version of it, i thought to myself, did they all get the same email? Is every man this damn stupid?

I sit back and nod, ask for clarification here and there and just listen. and try not to say, “really, you didn’t see THAT coming”. But for me, what is a testament to his feelings for her is how long he stayed. Several men were on their way out the married until she pulled the infamous “can we talk” conversation with nothing but a short robe on and nothing underneath. 9 months later….

what man with any morals would leave his child then? who wants to be called ‘triflin’? who wants HIS mother to tell him to ‘work it out for the sake of your child”. Marriage is hard, son, he hears his father say between drinks at the family home. which is exactly why the lawyer’s phone calls don’t get returned.

Before the time the child’s in kindergarten,they have been sleeping in separate areas of the house, her kid(s)from prior relationship are calling YOU DAD/DADDY/POP and you emotionally think sleeping in the basement is the best solution.

Here is what i want to say to Men in these types of situations:

1. Get your gonads out of her purse and place them where she snatched them from

2. Realize that she had an agenda, it was a ring. A wedding ring. She wanted one and played you to get her ‘legitimacy’ in her societal circle.

3. YOU thought with the wrong head and it cost you YEARS of your life to extract yourself from a very, very screwed up situation.

4. Someone who claims to love you won’t trick you, play you, get pregnant ‘accidentally on purpose’.

5. Someone who loves you won’t give you a marry me or else ultimatum

6. Someone who loves you won’t enlist your family, your friends, her family, her friends to ‘drop hints’ that she’s the best thing to every happen to you and if you don’t marry her, you are a fool.

7. Dumbass, no real woman will use her kids by you or anyone else to beg you to ‘marry my mommie’

8. No real woman will tell you that ‘after’ you guys get married, she’ll enroll in school, go back to school, get on birth control, lose weight, look for a better job, get a job or any other similar asinine promise. if she won’t do it FOR HERSELF, BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED, the odds of her doing it AFTER you are married are slim to none and slim left the building.

9. True story: if you tell your bride to be that your wedding present will be to bring her into the marriage with ZERO debt (because you have ZERO DEBT). You ask her for all her bills AND PAY THEM OFF before the wedding and 3 months later, a creditor called about collecting for a lawsuit (car accident) she had BEFORE you got married for $12,000, that her and her family “forgot” to tell you about and you DO NOT GET AN ANNULMENT, you are a freaking moron.

10. If she goes from Porn Star Patty to Nancy Nun within 3 months of your wedding or begins to ration out sex like the government furlough, you might want to consider you married the wrong woman.

Maybe these guys were lying to me. Maybe they were exaggerating (alot) but to hear a variation of the same story is just nerve wracking.

My friends laugh because they say i ask to many questions. Hell, i wanna know. did you beat/hit your last 5 girlfriends? why did you get married? why did you get divorced? do you sleep with men? (you will be surprised how many men will admit to that when they feel comfortable with you)

By the age of 25, most people have had their hearts broken (badly) but for me, its what you do afterwards, to work through the heartache and pain and learn from it is what matters.

I’ve been played in relationship (more often that i care to admit) but:

1. I’ve never been married

2. there are no kids involved on MY end

while i joke about my commitment-phobia issues (i’m working on them!!!)

Marrying someone is one of the few things I take totally serious. I have had about 22 marriage proposal. I only said yes formally once, the other time was an ‘off-handed’ proposal just to see if what i would say in advance. To marry someone is to commit your everything to that person, in front of everyone, forever. Forever is a LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG TIME. and i can’t have sex with someone else either? damn.

There have been instances where my brothers and other close male friends were ‘played’ by the women they were dating (including what i called being ‘tricked’ into marriage). There were many a conversation which i started off with,


yea, i went there. When the side chick has more sense than the one you want to ‘wife’ up, you are a freaking idiot. I’ve seen more side chicks having a guy’s back that the main chick. I’ve told several side chicks, “you know you really, REALLY can do better than him right?” and she did. I don’t know how many times, I’ve had to tell someone that the side chick REALLY wants you to stop calling her. But of course, the side chick is the side chick because she’s not the cute, she’s a bit overweight, doesn’t live in the right place, doesn’t have the right job or family, didn’t/doesn’t go to the right school, etc. But she gives a damn good head game, likes anal and knows when to keep her mouth shut and tolerates your dumb ass.

Yea, you can pick real winners, can’t you?

Guess what? That side chick that you really didn’t ‘like like that’ has been honest with you from day one. (we are talking about side-chick with sense, not the side chick who has main chick inspirations from day one but of course, you didn’t realize until AFTER SHE GOT PREGNANT-again, DUMB ASS)

What should be your takeaway from this:

1. Be VERY CLEAR about your expectations in writing (like prenup writing) if she balks, walk.

2. Have an attorney on retainer before you marry, cause if she decides to not put out on the honeymoon, she is going to ration sex for the rest of your marriage. get an annulment now, give back the gifts, and split the checks.

3. if kids are involved, talk to the attorney you retained on custody and child support issues. You can be a good father from Tibet, don’t let distance fool you.

4. Get clear with who/what is ‘wifey’ material. All that glitters isn’t gold.

Dear Nephews,
I have decided  i would give you guys some advice on women. Since you guys range in age from 34 to 2, i decided to make sure i cover all my bases. While i’m sure you are all thinking, has she been drinking again…, i have not, (well, not until after i finish writing this) but i do want you guys to know that I only want the best for you guys. i want you guys to be in happy, positive, fulfilling relationship (with women, but if you don’t like women, the same advise will probably apply to men also). With so much crap going on between men and women these days, i want you guys to be able to determine who is worth and who is worthless.
1.You are not CAPTAIN SAVE A HOE
Guess what, you aren’t Superman, Batman or The Green Hornet either. Don’t RESCUE any woman until she’s in imminent danger. This does NOT include her getting evicted from her home (she needs to get her finances straight-without your money), her babydaddy/ex/ex-husband is beating her ass, she lost her job and has to move in with her mother/family members, her car broke down, her baby need pampers and milk or any other EXCUSE you brings to you. Say, oh wow, sorry to hear that. I can’t help you but I will pray for you.
Leave her ass where you found her.
2. She has more than 2 kids by 2 different men before she is 21.
She can’t listen or learn. This chick doesn’t think fat meat is greasy. Unless she is a victim of rape or incest, she  WILLINGLY had sex with guy(s) who were using her as a bouncing ball. Yes, i know, I’m being mean, but guess what…
Children are a blessing, so is common sense
and she’s not using hers.
There is NO REASON in this day and age ANYONE should get pregnant by ‘accident’. She is not Jamie Lyn Spears. She is probably NOT independently wealthy, and is living with family and/or her income is being supplemented by the Federal and State Governments. If, (and that’s a big IF) she’s getting child support, its probably not enough and that whole situation is something you should avoid like the plague.
again, refer to Statement #1

Leave her ass where you found her

3. You cannot turn a HOE into a HOUSEWIFE
I’m sure there are some very nice strippers in that club. Yea, okay. There are also very nice women who work at Macy’s, Go to Virginia Tech and work for the post office. Guess what, they aren’t shaking their asses in front of some guys face on the chance that he’s going to give them $$ to look up her vagina. Yes, the recession hit everyone hard, but guess what. Not that damn hard. If she thinks that’s the only way she can make money ‘legitimately’, keep moving.
Leave her ass where you found her
4. If she thinks all men are untrustworthy, cheaters and liars, she’s damaged goods.
If you meet a woman and she tells you that her ex and ALL her other ex’s mistreated and abused her, then tell her to get some therapy and take your ass home. She needs to be alone and figure out why SHE keeps attracting losers. If you just HAVE to date this mental case, I can tell you now what’s going to happen. She’s going to call you all the time, accuse you of being ‘just like all the other guys’, start timing you on how long it will take you to go from her house to yours, will lose her mind if you don’t give her all your passwords to Facebook  Twitter, Myspace  your work and personal emails and pass codes to your voice mail.
(if you give this nut ANY of your passwords, i will personally kick your ass)
She had self-esteem, jealousy and many other issues that you are not professionally trained to deal with. I don’t care if she says because you guys are ‘dating’ or ‘together’ she should have the pass codes. And if she tries that, “everyone does it’ speech, tell her to call me. I can assure you, you won’t be in a ‘relationship’ with her after i’m finished…
Leave her ass where you found her
5. She had kids (more than 1) and expects if you date her, you have to do for her kids too.
again, refer to Rule #1 and #2. 
If you date a woman with children, you are NOT obligated to do anything for her children. They have a father(s), its not you. I don’t care if their father is in jail, dead or a deadbeat, those children are NOT your responsibility. PERIOD. Do not pay for babysitters if you go out on dates (her kids-her responsibility) if she can’t afford a babysitter, then she’ can’t come out and play. When you decide to have children, guess what you are now a ‘grown-up’, whether you are 16 or 36. Any women who tells you that she doesn’t have a babysitter and has to bring the kids on the date isn’t someone you need to be dating. If she tells you that YOU have to pay for a babysitter if you want to date her, guess what, there are PLENTY of childless women out there, you wont be alone for long. If she expects you to buy her children birthday, school supplies, school trips and Christmas presents, etc …

Leave h

er ass where you found her.
6. She is drama filled from the day you meet her.
There’s drama and then there’s “the police have been called drama” If she’s ever been arrested for domestic violence, can’t go into certain areas because she has ‘beef’ with some chicks there, had to move from one area of the country to another because of ‘problems’, etc. Leave her ass alone. If your car is keyed up when you are at her place, if some guy calls your phone telling you to leave his ‘woman’ alone, if she tells you she’s ‘separated’ but never filed any papers and still lives with her husband or with her mother, she is going to get your ass killed, attacked or arrested. If you were dating a friend of her’s and now dating her, (you are triflin-but that’s another posting) I’m telling you right now, i don’t have bail money for all of you guys, someone is going to be left out…

Leave her ass where you found her

7. She tells you she’s about her plans for the future but you don’t see any results
She is either telling you what she thinks you want to hear to keep you interested, she’s lazy as hell or she’s having mental heath issues. None of which are in your best interest. If any women tells you if you do something then she’s do something to better herself, she’s got fuckin issues. Don’t get duped by some woman who says she’s get her driver’s license if you guys move in together. If she won’t get it for herself, she damn sure won’t get it for you. You should want to be with someone who has her own goals, dreams and aspirations, if she isn’t striving to better herself, with or without you, why are you with her…?
Again, Leave her ass where you found her. 

I don’t want you guys to think that I am being harsh and judgmental on women (yea, i am) but i want YOU to be with women who are bring something to the table more than her ass and a couple of kids. You can destroy your credit, mental heath and your car on your own. You do not need a woman to do that for you.

I love you all

Aunt Jinks


something wicked comes this way.

According to my younger brother, i eat men for breakfast. Once my brother, one of his friends and the friend’s brother were at our house playing PlayStation.  The friend’s brother asked my brother about me when i walked out the room. My brother later told me that he didn’t even turn away from the game and said:

“Man, She eats men like you for a snack.”

All i could do was laugh. It wasn’t as if he was lying. When my younger brother was 6, he and another brother would blackmail my dates. I would never understand why my dates would kill themselves to bring my brothers on dates with us, or buy them anything they wanted during the date or bring them back food from various restaurants. I was like, “um, they are good.” but no… my dates would kill themselves to make my brothers happy. It wasn’t until a few years ago my younger brother admitted that they would tell my dates “if we don’t like you, SHE’s not going to go out with you again”, so of course, my dates took their threats seriously.


Being pimped out by a 6 and 14 year old. I don’t know which was worse, the fact that they were good at it or the fact that the guys i dated bought it. Unfortunately, my brothers still have an influence on my dating life. If i am serious about someone and they object… its not good odds for them (the boyfriend). It also helps they live in 2 different states and i rarely introduce them to anyone (HHAHAHA)

As i have talked about in a prior blog, certain things remind me of my ex. I’ve been pretty good at trying to work through my feelings for him (which are definitely not the same as before) but i also know that its the nature of the beast of love.

My dating history is someone like this

(according to my brother)


my college boyfriend

After college boyfriend


late 20’s/30’s dating







the ex



the new guy




i promised myself  i’d behave.  i’d be a kinder, gentler me….


i lied….

what’s love got to do with it?

I was thinking about love. more specifically, what does love have to do with sex? I mean, can you really love someone you have sex with or can you have sex with someone you don’t love? I think its totally possible to have sex with someone you don’t love, or even like for that matter. There are too many people who are having, or have had sex with someone they didn’t know, much less like. I often think that if we were honest, really honest, we would have to chose (sometimes) between love and sex. Do I have sex with someone who i really have nothing in common with, just to get laid? Do i wait to find someone i have strong feelings for? Again, does it really matter? Someone once told me, Men use love to get sex, women use sex to get love. How many times have a man told a woman he ‘loved’ her, just to get laid? I’m pretty sure the answer is um yes. How many times has the average woman gave a man the ‘thought’ of getting laid to get what she wanted from a man?

Someone once said, “fair exchange is not robbery” Now, if we are honest with ourselves, can we really separate sex and love?