These hoes aint loyal; why should they be?

So, black internet is up in arms, again.


Why? Because a certain Pastor (Dr. Jamal Bryant) included some rather …um.. un-pastorally wording a recent sermon. This an excerpt of the comment he made.



I must admit. I cracked up laughing when I read my girl Luvie’s response to this on the (

okay, she’s not my ‘girl, girl’ but I follow her and she makes me laugh like nobody’s business)


Now here is the FULL sermon here:


FULL DISCLOSURE: One of my BFFs is an Evangelist, I went to college with several people who have become ministers (or were in ministry when we were in college) or are now lead pastor(s) of large congregations. Also, I’m not a fan of organized religion.


Now that I’ve gotten that out the way.


There are several reasons why this sermon cracks me up.


First, those who are up in arms apparently didn’t listen to the WHOLE sermon. He is suggesting in the sermon that the ‘enemy’ is going after black women now that he’s destroyed (or almost) destroyed black men. In going after women, “the enemy” is steering ‘good men’ wrong because they aren’t listening to the women in their lives who have their best interest in mind. Also, the enemy is turning men and girls gay.


Alrighty then.


Second, who in the hell every said Hoes were loyal in the first place???


Hoes aint never been loyal to anyone but themselves. Who the hell didn’t know that??? To even THINK that a hoe is going to be loyal to YOU makes you a bigger fool than the hoe you are dealing with. Now, when I say “HOE”, I’m referring to MEN and WOMEN. I don’t discriminate.


He may have chose a ‘poor’ choice of wording and his description of gay men and women was a bit much for me, HOWEVER, I’m not a member of his church and his sermon wasn’t for me. It was directed at the members of his church and he chose the vernacular to which they are accustomed. Did he have to use girlfriend-beater Chris Brown’s lyrics? Um, not really, considering his recent jail stint, but I digress. I’m not his target audience. I suspect those who are offended by his wording aren’t either.


Pastor Bryant isn’t the first man to be lead astray (he had a cheating scandal several years ago and his wife divorced him) by some chick and he won’t’ be the last. The bible is filled with stories of allegedly good and not so good men who were lead astray by a big butt and a smile. (I won’t name names here). The Bible is also filled with what happened to the men after said discretion. Heck, we don’t have to look to the bible for examples (Bill Clinton, Mark Stanford, John Ensign, David Vitter, Marion Barry) My person favorite is Kwame Kilpatrick:


ANOTHER FULL DISCOSURE: He graduated from my high school


Kwame Kilpatrick takes ‘these hoes aint loyal’ to a whole new level.


I’ve never understood my guy friends who believe that the side-chick had their best interest in mind. Dude, seriously? Even with my girlfriends I was like, seriously? Good dick aside, what’s he going to offer you besides a wet bed?



Hoes (Male and Female) have ALWAYS had THEIR best interest BEFORE yours. Sex is the means to get what they want. Telling you what YOU want to hear is the paved road to getting what they want. Why in the HELL are you now shocked and hurt when you wake up from your sex coma?


This is what you think you are doing when dealing with a hoe


This is what is actually happening




When someone gets ‘gored’ by a hoe. The pity party that follows is like a 4 day electronic dance festival with obligatory sex and drug hangovers.


You can’t be mad at a hoe being a hoe, you should however, be mad at yourself for dealing with a hoe in the first place. They are pretty easy to spot.


There is a difference between a Prostitute and a Hoe. A Prostitute wants your money; A Hoe wants your property.


For those with no property, food and a movie will suffice.


V. Stivano is an example of a hoe. She got property. I ain’t mad at her about that. I’m mad at her about other things (I will blog about that later)


Lisa Bonder is another example. When convincing a billionaire to marry you when you are pregnant with another man’s child, then fake a DNA test to prove he was the father (then have to admit under oath you faked the test and another rich guy is your child’s father) and still get $100k per month in child support until your child is 19 from your ex, You are head Hoe.


I don’t fault the women. I fault the men. Someone once told me, “Someone can only do to you what you let them.”


We have to stop blaming snakes and scorpions for being themselves. When someone presents themselves a specific way but their words don’t add up. Don’t stand there and pretend like it is new math. Isn’t not. Stop second guessing yourself if someone’s playing you. Stop snooping around Facebook and twitter to see if they are cheating. While I always say “common sense isn’t common” certain things even Stevie Wonder can see.


If a guy you meet hints about moving in within the first month or after spending the night at your house

If a woman asks you to pay her rent or her car note and you JUST started having sex with her.

If a man tells you about how his ex bought his clothes and took him on trips.

If a woman tells you she needs you to pay for her hair and nails now that you are dating.



Remember, these hoes ain’t loyal to them and they damn sure ain’t going to be loyal to you.