What i learned this year



Tomorrow is my birthday. 


i know, i haven’t been blogging much. bad me. had stuff going on offline i had to deal with. i have been working on some writings, which i will post soon and we will go back to our regularly scheduled sneakiness and things to make you go “hum”



i decided to write, like i always do about things i have learned during the past year and make sure i don’t do them (at least not in abundance) for the upcoming year. here goes


1. remember that i’m #1

that’s right. its all about me. that’s the great thing about being single and childless. my decisions will impact me dramatically, i need to make sure i can live honestly in truth with the results. 


2. remember that no one is more important than me.

feeding off #1, i am the most important person in my universe. while i love my friends and family dearly, let’s face it. they can’t/won’t go to heaven or hell for me. 



3. being single is a good thing. 

there is nothing absolutely worse than being in a relationship with someone and wishing you weren’t. 



4. never settle

this includes with my love life, my social life, my professional life. settling will only negative my ability to live in my truth and then i really won’t be living will i?



5. be mindful, be grateful, be compassionate, be kind.

being kind, loving and compassionate is not and will never mean I am a weak person. even if those assclowns think i am



6. what someone thinks of me is none of my business

if people take about Jesus, what makes me think they won’t talk about me? does it really matter what others think about me? absolutely not.



7.  believe in yourself and your abilities

there are so many times this past year that i doubted myself and my abilities. i shouldn’t have. i’m smarter and more brilliant that i ever thought possible.



8. be your own best friend

friends are nice, but its nicer when i enjoy my own company and make myself laugh and smile



9. when in doubt, don’t go out with him

it is perfectly okay to not be interested in someone who is interested in me. this isn’t 1825 or 1955, i’m not looking for a husband. 


10. when in doubt, remember #1