Be selective



Sometimes, even when you have logic and reason on your side, you have to let it go. sometimes its not about being right. If you are right, it will come out that you are. You don’t have to say “told ya”, you don’t have to say “you big dummy”, and you don’t have to make anyone feel bad. Several things will happen: First, the other person will admit you are right and apologize for doubting you. Second, the other person will spend the next hour trying to justify still why THEY were right, Third, they will NEVER admit you are right because they are trying to save face. Four, They will admit you are right and then act like a 5 yr old. Five, You just let it go. 

If you are right, don’t worry about it. Its not your problem, its not your concern. Your emotions, time and energy should be spend on my productive things, like saving the world.