Holding on to anger doesn’t help YOU

holding on to anger

Its really, really trying NOT to hate someone. Its really really, really hard NOT to hate the person who broke your heart, stole your money, years of your life, your dignity, your self-esteem. Someone you lost friendships over, long-term friendships over, for what you think now?

No, you can’t get any of those things back. You can’t get all the time you wasted with them back. But guess what. Its okay. No matter how bad you feel at this exact moment. It really won’t help plotting to get revenge. Why? because Karma really does work. It does not have a time limit or a expiration date. That person wasn’t the person for YOU. Are they the person for someone else? who knows, but WHO THE HELL CARES! Every moment, every second they are OUT of your life, is one moment YOU can find the happiness, joy and PEACE that comes with being YOU, authentically YOU.

Its NOT about them, not matter how many times they cheated on you, mistreated you, lied to you. Its about YOU letting go and allowing all the good things in your life that they were blocking to now come forward.

stop drinking the poison, RIGHT NOW!