where are YOUR priorities?…

stop chasing hoes

where is your priorities

I keep asking my guy friends the same question “what the HELL were you thinking?!!!”

There are plenty of decent women in the world/universe. Not all of them have multiple children/baby daddies. There are PLENTY of women who work hard daily to have a great,fulfilling, honest lives. WHY in the hell do you keep finding the women who are on welfare? in the strip club saying they are ‘working my way through college” or some other ‘story’ to justify not having a 9/5 job.




You are not the Calvary, the 82nd Airborne, The Marines, a Navy SEAL Team member The French Foreign Legionnaire, NSA, FBI, DEA, ICE, B613 or any other government or non-affiliated government agency.

No Sir, unless you are a FIRST RESPONDER, (Police, Fire, etc) stop trying to rescue SOMEONE!!

She WILL go back to her child(rens) father EVERY TIME, jail or no jail. beating or no beating will EVER make her leave him. You are wasting your time. She will not leave until she is dead or has no other options. and even then, she won’t go.

Look for the women who like you when you don’t have anything (while you are in school, working 2-3 jobs, catching the bus,etc). Look for the woman who isn’t showing her TA-TA’s and WHO-HAW for every guy to see. Someone who knows how to dress appropriate for ALL situations, look for someone who will be a mother to YOUR SEED and not every guy who pays for a Popeye’s chicken 3 piece special. Try to want someone who has worth and wants to build something with someone who is WORTHY.

Stop going for crumbs, left-overs and run thru women. Its not attractive. Stop getting caught up, you KNOW BETTER!