They don’t have to like you…

they dont have to like u and u dont have to care

There is this misconception that everyone HAS to like you. Let me be the first to tell you:


No one has to give a fat baby’s ass about you. There is nothing in anyone’s holy book that says they do (i checked) All they have to do is treat you with respect (allegedly) but then again, if someone doesn’t treat themselves with respect, how in the world are they going to TREAT YOU with RESPECT.

Stop falling for the okeydokey. This is with family, friends, relationship, co-workers, people on the street. Doing nice things doesn’t mean someone is going to like you. Doing nice things to MAKE someone like you is desperate. There is nothing wrong with being a decent human being, offering to help someone with their bags, buying girl scout cookies, donating to charities, but STOP thinking that is somehow making you a ‘nice’ person, a ‘likable’ person. Do things when no one else is looking. Do things because you CARE about an issue. Stop doing things hoping and praying that someone will see you are good enough, or “better” than the last person they dated. Stop doing things because you want to get into someone’s good graces. Stop sucking up to a boss who is probably going to give the promotion to someone else regardless of what you do.


Be who you are. It will show when you are fake, it will show when you are ‘trying to hard’.

be you, and only you. Stop being who you ‘think’ you are suppose to be because of your station, class, race, gender allegedly dictates you are ‘suppose to be’.

be your freaking self!

its okay, they aren’t going to like you…and you don’t have to like them either.