Raise your standards

walk away from drama

raising your standards

If a woman ask you if you have children and when you tell her she replies:

“what’s wrong with you, are you gay? can you even have kids!?”

As soon as the words register in your mouth, Stand up from the table. Look at your watch and tell her:

“I’m so sorry. I have to be somewhere else right now.”

If she ask you where, tell her:

“anywhere but here…”

If you do not have children outside of marriage, there is NOTHING wrong with you! At all. If she or any woman thinks something is wrong with you because you haven’t planted your ‘seed’ all over the world and that you want to have a healthy, productive, whole relationship with a woman you want to spend the rest of your life with (married or not) and that you have a real problem with men who do, there is NOTHING wrong with your standards. Don’t let anyone make you think that there is.

If a woman says “a real man will pay for this… a real man will do that..” keep it moving,far away from her. Unless she had a penis previously in this life, she doesn’t know what ‘a real man’ is. And she will never know what a real man is about and wouldn’t know him if he was standing in front of her.

If a woman is negative, discouraged, has a history of drama-fill relationships (complete with restraining orders against her),if she tells you or admits that she has slashed tires of her ‘cheating’ boyfriends, broken windows of ‘suspected’ women who were cheating with her man, has had fist-fights with women about her ‘man’ or has not problem telling you to dismiss your relationship(s) with other women in your life (including family) because you are now ‘her’s’ run. and run fast.

There are women who are sane, positive, happy, productive and fun-loving. They have standards, they have morals, they have high self-esteem, they have high self-worth, they want a safe, productive, loving partnership with a man. They aren’t going to use you for sex, your money, your job, your time, they aren’t judgmental, angry, broken, and want to be with a man who will love and appreciate them.

You do NOT have to deal with someone who isn’t at your level. There is nothing wrong with telling someone. This is NOT what i am looking for. There is nothing that mandates you have to deal with all sorts of drama when you meet/date someone. Drama isn’t normal. Drama isn’t acceptable and Drama isn’t mandatory.

Raise your standards and don’t be afraid. Be around others who appreciate you for who you are, and you will find the one for you.