You know now…

what u are bringing to the table

If i could give advice to women under 25, it would be to stop thinking because you are:
cute/pretty/exotic looking
have a nice body
have natural, long, pretty hair
men offer to buy you your heart’s desires
men take you on trips or want to take you on trips all over the world
being in the club, surounded by ‘ballers’ and ‘hustlers’ and ‘that life’
you think stripping is a career
you think stripping will lead you to a rich husband or a better life or a better man (aka Amber Rose/Eve)

The lifestyle you THINK you want, you can’t afford, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually

You would do better buying a mega millions lottery ticket.

The odds of you comes on the other side unscathed, is minuscule.

If I could give advice to women between 25 and 30, it would be:
if you didn’t realize by now that your sex organs can’t be cashed in like a check, you should
if you haven’t realized that he told you what he wanted to tell you to get what HE wanted and was willing to PAY you for, hopefully your child(ren) should by now.
if you haven’t realized that cheating with a married man only creates a job opening, you do now
if you did not realize that having your own home, career, friends and healthy relationship, you do now
if you did not realize that you were just a booty call/side chick/one-night stand and that he did in fact, marry the other woman he claimed he wasn’t dating while he was messing around with you, you do now
if you did not realize that you should not have believed him when all the signs flashed like a billboard pointed to he was untruthful, you do now
if you now realize that the only thing you have as a souvenir from your relationship(s) is a child(ren) you do now,


Your life is so much better than your decisions/choices. Make better ones.