Stop being afraid.

stop being afraid no one is going to ‘love you’ like your ex did.

stop being afraid that you are going to hurt someone’s feelings, remember they aren’t afraid to tell you what THEY feel about a situations, your feelings be damned.

stop being afraid that you are being a bad parent. Go to parenting classes. There are TONS of resources out there to help you. If you don’t look for assistance, then you are being a bad parent.

stop getting into everyone else’s business/relationship. you are not dating or married to them. They have to deal with their own situations, without your interference. and its interference when you keep giving them ‘advice’ whether unsolicited or not. Give them a list of therapist, clergy, rabbi, minister, vicar or Iman for advice, unless you are a licensed therapist. If you are a licensed therapist, then make them come into your office and pay for you to listen to them.

You are not superwoman or superman. stop pretending you are.

Go after YOUR DREAMS not someone else’s dream of what you should be doing. that’s why you are miserable.

when all else fails, start over, every day.