You can’t turn a HOE into a Husband…really, you can’t

cant turn a hoe into a husband

I had the TV on for background noise yesterday. Paternity court was on. There was a married woman suing her husband’s mistress for ‘alienation of affection’. Mistress has 5 month old who she says is his. Mistress also says that if “wife’ was doing her ‘job’, Hubby would be seeing her. Yea, I wanted to slap the mistress silly. Dummy, i’m pretty sure you aren’t the only one he’s sleeping with. True enough, the “girlfriend’ walks into court. She also has a 5 month old. and of course, she’s saying the baby is his. So, Hubby may have 5 children with 3 different women (3 with wife, 1 with mistress, 1 with girlfriend). Judge is trying to tell the women to have some dignity about themselves and realize old boy is a loser. Of course, mistress is planning on being the new wife (once he is divorced) Wife is naturally pissed and the girlfriend is showing cracks that she might have played herself with this dude.

All the women are arguing with each other, no one is going upside HIS head with a shoe. Um, he’s the common denominator in all of this crap. He’s lied in one way, shape or form to everyone here and all you women (with children) can do is yell and scream and call each other names. At one point, this male (because he’s not a man)says that the women ‘knew how I am” and that of course justifies his actions towards them. Later, he starts to cry saying he didn’t have a father in his life and that he didn’t know how to treat women. Dude, head’s up. This ain’t it. Between the 4 of you, i’m pretty sure somebody has some type of disease, because NO ONE is using protection. And all the women are having sex with OTHER GUYS outside of him, and of course, no one is going to admit they are NOT using protection. I can’t even begin to untangle just how much therapy this group needs individually and and the amount of parenting classes needed to see the kids involved turn into productive, healthy, positive members of society. It is just sad on many, many levels.

good sex does not make a husband, never has, never will…