be your own visionary




i believe:

men and women are equal

hurt people hurt people

being honest is much better than misleading or just flat out lying to someone

having kids you can’t/won’t take care of is inexcusable

leading people on is inexcusable

trying to be something you are not is inexcusable

thinking with your sex organs is inexcusable

treating people like crap because you are ‘grown’ is inexcusable

taking advantage of someone, whether or not they know it, is inexcusable

abuse is not love, never has been, never will be

knowing your boundaries is a gift to others

forgiveness is for YOU, not the other person. You forgive, you will never forget

the scars of life will heal, trust me

don’t make life-altering decisions while you are angry, lonely, afraid or scared

No one else has to live with the consequences of your decisions, except you.

when given a choice, people will always chose themselves over you. 

understand what being true to yourself means, and then be true to it, and yourself.