You do realize that ‘other’ person did you a favor right?

your exs bs

why are you so pissed off at the ‘side chick(s)’or side man(men)? They did you a favor, if anything you should offer them a drink and say “good luck to you sir” and keep it moving. They DID YOU A FAVOR. This other person showed you that when the going gets tough, your ‘significant other’ isn’t going to be there. At the first time of struggle they are going to run away from you faster than a rabbit being chased by a fox.

Why are you calling that chick out her name? SHE isn’t dating you, HE IS?

Why are you telling that guy to stop texting YOUR woman? SHE stopped being your man when she decide to have sex with him.

Stop acting out violently towards everyone BUT the person you need to be clowning on: THE PERSON YOU ARE IN A ‘RELATIONSHIP WITH’!

The other person didn’t break up your happy home. Sorry to tell you, your home wasn’t that happy to begin with. If your partner didn’t want to leave, wild horses could not drag them from you. If your partner wants to stay, NOTHING the other person could do could make them leave.

Guess what? Now that OTHER person has to put up with their bullshit. Yep, all that stuff that drove you crazy. The friend(s)family you didn’t like but was around because that was their friend/family? yep, those people, YOU don’t have to EVER see them again. You will never again have to listen to them talk about how horrible their ex was. yep, now you see their ex is probably going to offer you a drink when THEY see YOU. You are going to now realize that it probably wasn’t the ex, it was your partner that was not the angel they have portrayed themselves to be in that relationship. The other person in your relationship apparently believes what your partner told them about you and ran with it. And? why would you want to be with someone who so willingly put your business out in the street? Why would you be with someone who doesn’t respect you enough to communicate with you about the issues/problems in your relationship? And you are going to cut tires, break windows, get people fired from jobs, have restraining orders placed against you, get into fights for what? someone who so easily (and yes it was easy) decided that you were expendable?

Let’s be clear, vagina’s and penises are lying on the sidewalk and when someone walks down the street they trip and magically their dress and panties drop or their zipper just so happens to unzip as they fall to the ground. Getting naked takes thought and effort. Think about how long it takes YOU to get ready for bed? How long does it take to purchase a hotel room? Give the clerk your credit/debit card? Ask someone if you can ‘borrow’ their house for a while? Please. Whatever reason they had for cheating on you, look them in the eye, tell them Thank you. Good looking out. Now get your shit and roll out. I hope he/she has room for you, cause you can’t come back here. Good luck to you sir. Go in the shower and cry until the water turns cold, get out, drive off and move on with you life.

let the choir say “AMEN”