Somebody take the wheel…please…

I will admit, i tried to watch Love and Hip Hop-Atlanta. I love The Spanish Momie. She’s about the only one. My favorite episode was the one where Joseline Hernandez knocked the crap out of Stevie J during the therapist session between them and Mimi when she realized he played her. I could not stop laughing and wanted to tell the security people to leave her alone!

The Love and Hip-Hop-NY group I have never watched. I wasn’t interested in watching side chicks pretend to be the wife, girlfriends begging to be wifed up. I don’t understand why any woman would spend all her waking time trying to convince a man that he WANTS to be with me. If it weren’t bad enough, they truly believe that having a child with this guy will ‘solidify’ their place in his heart. I mean, would someone PLEASE give them a name of a good therapist!

Chapter 2 Section 1 of the Relationship Rule book:
How you get someone is how you lose them.

The link below is a firm example of kettle calling pot black. You can’t complain about how a guy married his side child and “broke” up YOUR family when you were the side chick and ‘broke’ up his previous relationship with the mother of his FIRST two kids…SMH…

when are these chicks EVER gonna learn???