Yes, you are that vain…

no my post wasn't about you

Sometimes it really is about you. Its about something you have done, will do or are about to do. Don’t do it. No, its not a good idea. No, they aren’t interested in you the way you are interested in them. No, they are not worth the headache you are getting ready to cause yourself. Yes, they are not available, mentally, emotionally, sexually, physically and theoretically available to you in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. Concentrate on discovering a new hobby, find a new church, join meetup and find something CONSTRUCTIVE to do. He/she is NOT leaving their spouse/baby daddy/momma,boy/girl friend, significant other or the person they are ‘affiliated with’, yes, you are wasting your time, heart, emotions, sanity, feelings and hard earned money. None of which you will EVER get back in return. So, yes, this is really about you. So, what are you gonna do about it?