The devil is a liar

A girlfriend text me today. One of her former ‘acquaintance’ has decided to contact her after months of no-contact.


A male friend had his ex-fiance send him a letter (old fashioned right) stating that they were ‘meant to be together . It would probably be okay if he wasn’t in a new relationship and considering proposing to the new girl.


Why anyone would think that after treating someone poorly, sticking a serrated edged knife in their gut (covered in fire ants) would want to ‘return’ for more of the same is beyond me. But it happens. daily. i have had it happen to me more times than i care to admit myself.


but why?


if someone is so absolutely stupid, selfish, narcissistic, A push-over, lame, weak, petty, mean, selfish, rude, nasty, unambitious, lazy and triflin, why would YOU WANT to be with that person?

oh right. that makes them the PERFECT person for you?

i could never understand people who complained constantly about their partners/spouses. he can’t do this, she can’t do that. blah, blah, blah. But 5 seconds after the walk out the door, they are crying, begging, pleading for them to return.


WTF. Seriously?


who is the liar?


But if you think about it, we lie to ourselves all the time. We lie about our likes and dislikes to impress someone we are interested in, hoping by the time they find out, they are in ‘too deep’ and can’t/won’t risk leaving because it will be too painful for them. We lie about our goals, dreams and desires. because it ‘sounds’ good to ourselves and others.


My friends have told their ‘exs’ to keep it moving. Are they really interested in move on? no. They believe that whatever prior events that happened to make my friends leave them alone were ‘anomalies’ that can be fixed. with love. with faith, with taking them back. What they don’t understand it that my friends don’t want them back. as one of my friends said:

“to quote one of my favorite singers: You showed your ass and I saw the real you…”


the devil, in all its forms, really is a liar…