Happy birthday to me!!!

Its my birthday bitches!!!

(i mean that in the fuzzy warmest way)




now, i’m not psyched enough to write daily. (although i admit that i should, to help with my craft) but i’m a lazy heifer and i’m just not gonna do it. too many movies on amazon prime to see.


i  had the best time last night. me and my friends went to a bar/restaurant and just had fun. i can only imagine what the people next to us thought. i can honestly say they probably thought we should have been on “THAT SEX SHOW”. its funny how you and your friends can be so different on sexual positions and techniques.


(your man really likes to put his tongue up your butt AND suck your toes?…alright then)


once i just placed the napkin over my head. i was just DONE. DONE. DONE.


i laughed so hard my sides cramped up.


then we moved to the next bar where we watched karokee and people “wobbling”


Now, if i can find a good place for me and my girlfriends to hang out and have fun!