something wicked comes this way.

According to my younger brother, i eat men for breakfast. Once my brother, one of his friends and the friend’s brother were at our house playing PlayStation.  The friend’s brother asked my brother about me when i walked out the room. My brother later told me that he didn’t even turn away from the game and said:

“Man, She eats men like you for a snack.”

All i could do was laugh. It wasn’t as if he was lying. When my younger brother was 6, he and another brother would blackmail my dates. I would never understand why my dates would kill themselves to bring my brothers on dates with us, or buy them anything they wanted during the date or bring them back food from various restaurants. I was like, “um, they are good.” but no… my dates would kill themselves to make my brothers happy. It wasn’t until a few years ago my younger brother admitted that they would tell my dates “if we don’t like you, SHE’s not going to go out with you again”, so of course, my dates took their threats seriously.


Being pimped out by a 6 and 14 year old. I don’t know which was worse, the fact that they were good at it or the fact that the guys i dated bought it. Unfortunately, my brothers still have an influence on my dating life. If i am serious about someone and they object… its not good odds for them (the boyfriend). It also helps they live in 2 different states and i rarely introduce them to anyone (HHAHAHA)

As i have talked about in a prior blog, certain things remind me of my ex. I’ve been pretty good at trying to work through my feelings for him (which are definitely not the same as before) but i also know that its the nature of the beast of love.

My dating history is someone like this

(according to my brother)


my college boyfriend

After college boyfriend


late 20’s/30’s dating







the ex



the new guy




i promised myself  i’d behave.  i’d be a kinder, gentler me….


i lied….