best friends

i have been fortunate. i’ve had some great girlfriends and great boy friends (friends in the sense that they are boy and we are friends-no sex friends). i was reading something that made me think, what is a ‘best friend’. i mean i’m known Carla since i was 15 and she was 14. we stood there on the street corner, waiting for the Dexter bus to take us to different schools. To this day she jokes about how we just started talking one day. She didn’t know that i was so damn scared that i started talked out of sheer nervous energy. She’s like the sister my mother never gave birth to for me. While i do have sisters (from my dad) if i was able to pick a sister (or 2) i would pick her. and Lakita. 

In college, i had a group of friends, (aptly named behind liquor due to our love of said beverages) who felt like my other halves. we would joke among ourselves that we were different pieces of the same coin, as if God just broke a quarter and waited 18 yrs for all of the pieces to come together. In a nutshell, we raised hell our freshman year and that year still is talked about years later. Now i cringe at some of the antics we did and I am amazed at the fact that we were not arrested or still NOT in jail. We laugh about our antics now but i’m so so happy we were not are not in school today. While there was a period where all of us didn’t talk daily, we now talk atleast once at day with someone. I know if i talk to I, the rest will know also. Its not a bad thing, as we fuss and do stress over one another. It goes back to the first day we met and it was instant friendship. There were other friends who while not a part of this group, were friends nevertheless. we had different visions and ideas yet, the basic instant friendship was still there. 

I collected other friends throughout the years at temp assignments, hanging out with other friends and even teaching. We have laugh, we have cried, we have thought about gathering bail money for the damages we really had to think three times about NOT doing.

It is hard for me to say ‘best’ friend because for me, all of them all. i mean who can decide among their children? Are some of them closer to me than others? yes. I think that’s due to time and distance. I am lucky however, that despite my hardheadedness, they still love me. and they saved my life more times than i care to admit.

so, all my friends are my best friends.