what to do when

A friend and I were talking recently. She told me about a guy she was seeing who has all sorts of baby momma drama. While she listened as he vented, she mentioned that her view on the subject really didn’t matter. It was how HE felt that mattered and how he dealt with the situation that mattered. She never tells him what to do, or puts forth any advise. Her view is that its not her situation and its extremely difficult to tell a parent what to do about their child/situation. I had to agree. But i also know that this is one of the major reasons why I do not like dating men with children. It sucks. Its difficult to tell a guy that he definitely picked the wrong one. We all make dating mistakes. unfortunately, many women and men find out the hard way.  what do you do next? i mean, when you are dating someone and baby daddy/momma just can’t get their act together? I just can’t do it. Call me selfish. I am not a therapist (although i do play one online) I think if you are willing to move town just to get away from your baby’s momma, there’s a problem. But i also think that its do to unrealistic expectations of relationships. I keep hearing people say how they met a woman and she was pregnant within 3-6 months. She can’t understand why he’s not racing down the aisle and he’s trying to figure out how she got pregnant so fast. Then of course its my personal favorites:

She: within 4 months of meeting, she’s pregnant. has kid. they have another kid. break up 3-5 yrs late. she wants child support. dna testing done. neither kid is his. 

He: within 3 months of meeting tells Her she’s the one and he wants to start a family. She gets pregnant shortly thereafter. She finds out that he has a ex-wife/baby momma/other woman is also pregnant. and due any day.

what then? when the rug is pulled out from under you? murder isn’t necessarily an option. although it will make you feel good, first-degree murder typically doesn’t have bail. 

Now what? what do you do? what do you say?