when will people learn?

I will admit it. i have watched Love and Hip Hop-Atlanta.  and no my head didn’t explode. um well maybe it did. i actually had to stop watching it after Joslyn went psycho on Stevie J when she realized he lied to her at the counselor’s office about his and MiMi living arrangements. Say what you want about Jo-Jo, she’s authentic and honest. it may not seem to be, be she is. She isn’t telling anyone what they want to hear. She’s dealing with life on her terms. Now, i didn’t say that the terms were very great, but it her’s. Poor MiMi and Erica seems to be under the diluted impression that if you give birth to someone’s child, it means that they have some ‘forever’ hold on your heart and your sex organs. Um, ya’ll really gotta wake the fuck up.  Seriously. I can’t stand to see anyone with self-esteem lower than a snake’s belly. I mean Mimi yelling at the Reunion show (which i only saw 10 minutes of before i had to turn the TV off because my brain went into convulsions) about how no one can judge her and whatever stupid crap she tried to scream made me want to just say “honey. stop. please.” Stevie doesn’t care about anyone he can’t pimp musically or otherwise. Let’s be honest, you bragged about how you guys were TOGETHER for 15 yrs, then it went to we KNOW each other for 15 yrs. Make a decision, cause its making you look like a liar. For real. Math wasn’t my strong suit in school but um, if he was engaged to be married to both Eve and Whoppie Goldberg’s daughter in the last 15 yrs, um am I missing something? and making babies with random women in and out the industry and you still wanna claim him like he’s Barack? I think you might want to see that therapist by yourself.

Let’s not forget Lil’ Scrappy, Erica and his pimp ass mother. Seriously. Scrappy’s mother is the reason why I will be leave all my money to Planned Parenthood when I die. She is the reason that we need sex education at every level in school. No one should be this damn stupid. And she is stupid and i have no problem telling it to her face. No wonder Scrappy is as stupid as he is. When you justify everything your child does, right, wrong, indifferent, and its everyone ELSE’S FAULT when he fucks up. Please. Save your threats. Erica needs to keep him on child support and get a restraining order against his mother. Scrappy no more cares about her and having a serious, monogamous relationship with her than Lindsey Lohan is off drugs. Shey/Bucky should have seen his lies coming from Alaska. I kept screaming at the TV every time i saw them together. HONEY NOOOOO. But of course, she’s played on the reunion show, like we knew she would when he pulled out a ring for Erica. Um Yea, like we didn’t see that coming.

I just want women (and men) to stop this insane bullshit. Stop pretending to be something your not, loving someone you obviously don’t and just being a plan ole ignorant clown. Please. Don’t get mad when you do stupid things on TV and don’t expect someone to call you out on your mess. cause its mess. 1000% mess