Its been a long time…

Its been a minute and i’m sorry for that. This ‘process’ or lack of an adequate term has been a bit ‘rough’ to say the least. I have been writing. but not for my blog (isn’t that something) That’s the bad news. The good news is people have commented about my blog thus far. I’m getting favorable reviews and when someone tells you that you’re funny, well, that make anyone feel good. unless you weren’t trying to be funny; then that’s bad. But when funny is a compliment (as it has been) i’ll take it. Yes, i’m greedy like that. 

For a while there, Murphy’s Law wasn’t just a theory. It was like a hurricane that never left. Outside of my heath, i lost several things that i cherished these past couple of months. I have to say i love my girlfriends. They told me that i shouldn’t worry about what I’ve lost, because i’ll get it back and then some.  I do know that, but again, some of the stuff i lost was sentimental in value. I did however gain perspective, which while i had before, i really learned about who is important to me. I also learned not to take myself to seriously. cause, while i can be a very, very serious person, i really am a very silly, joke, laughing person too. 

so here’s what i wont promise:

1. that i will write daily. 

     sometimes i will get writer’s block and its just not gonna happen.

2. I will write something profound.

     um, no. while it maybe profound to me, you will read it and say, “what the hell is she smoking”

3.  I will ‘play nice’

     um, no. I’m going to tell everyone’s business (with alias of course) to illustrate a point. If you don’t want me to tell,          don’t tell me.  (you know who you are)

4. I will write more and more often.

    i think i can do that. especially because i’m a bit more motivated to express myself.

5. I will try to reach out to other bloggers.

    i’ve been reading some blogs that i find interesting, so perhaps i should be a good neighbor?

6. I will talk about my radio show on

    i just did the inaugural episode… its not Ryan Secress, but i’ll get it together.