Father’s Day 2012

Today’s my brother’s first father’s day. I’m really excited for him. He’s been a really good dad. He’s so funny with my nephew. He sends me pics of him and the baby all the time. I sometimes can hardly believe he’s a dad. It’s been a long road for his happiness. I think about how I worried about who he was dating, hoping and most times praying that he wouldn’t have a kid with specific people. Why? because I didn’t think they would make good mothers for his child(ren). Yea, I know, cruddy right? but seriously. He’s dated women who had children and he was a very good ‘step in’ father figure. In those cases, the fathers were either in jail or just gone. When I asked about where the father was, I got the ‘doe-eyed’ look or the always present “well, he’s in jail..” or “he was never around..” I told my brother, while i think she’s okay for someone, she’s not the right person for you. Not because she had kids, but because she was looking for a CAPTAIN SAVE A HOE and my brother aint it. I taught my brother to believe that men and women are PARTNERS in a relationship. When a woman expects anyone other than her child’s father to take care of her children, there’s a problem. Just because you ‘date’ a women with a child, doesn’t make you responsible for that child. Eventually, my brother was able to recognize that you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to ‘save’ themselves.  

i’m happy to report he found a very nice woman who is totally ‘ride or die’ for him. Now that makes me very happy. When he tells me how being a father is something he can’t imagine NOT doing. 

So, to my little brother, 

Very, Very, Very Happy Father’s Day