Um, Samantha, you really aren’t that cute…

Samantha Brick wrote an article for the UK Daily Mail on April 2, 2012 stating that she’s just too beautiful and her life is such a mixed blessing. Um yea okay. I’ve seen pictures of her. She isn’t all that cute. In fact, she’s just an average looking white woman. Her endless examples of how she received preferential treatment from strangers, especially men. 

As i read her posting, i was just amazed. I mean really. I would have thought she was ‘model’ gorgeous. She isn’t she’s just average looking. The theme of the article was “people hate me because i’m beautiful’. I’m like seriously? you are NOT that attractive. Of course, she can’t understand why she’s received all the hate email. She’s receiving the hate mail because maybe, just maybe you are not as cute and things really aren’t what you think they are. I really can’t understand why she doesn’t understand that her essay was just plain offensive. I mean, whether you are attractive or not, if someone does something nice for you, doesn’t mean its because they are just being nice. It does not mean the world opens for only attractive people. What it does mean is that Samantha Brick isnt hurting in the ego department.