Ask yourself

I’ve been having ‘relationship’ conversations with various men and women. I am not sure whether or not people actually hear themselves when they tell me these tales. I listen and think to myself, i’m not as bad as i think i am. At times i actually here myself saying, “don’t be so hard on yourself” when I’m really thinking, are you f-king kidding me! Sometimes a person is exactly who you thought they were.If he’s an ass when you met him, he is going to continue to be so. If she acts crazy from the beginning, she probably is. I wonder sometimes if we don’t ask the real questions, because we don’t really want to know the real answers. We don’t want to know the real person, perhaps because its easier to like their representative. which leads me to question, why? why are we so afraid of being real with someone?well, considering so of the damn drama, i can sufficient say that we cultivate and feed it, the drama i mean. Instead of listening to ourselves we pretend what we see isn’t what we see, what we hear its what we hear. So here’s what i wish. That everyone really listens to what the people in their lives are saying. just listen. maybe then we can ask ourselves: