Too Short is an idiot and Lil Wayne is too…

I have been trying to think of how i want to approach the “Too Short  indoctrination of encouraging young boys how to turn girls out by sexually assaulting them with sticking your spit filled finger into their panties” without getting arrested for a whole rack of charges via the internet. Its taken me a while.

According to, “Too $hort also responded to the video in a statement sent”:

I want to apologize to anyone I may have offended with the XXL video interview I recently did. When I got on camera I was in Too $hort mode and had a lapse of judgement.I would never advise a child or young man to do these things, it’s not how I get down. Although I have made my career on dirty raps, I have worked over the years to somewhat balance the content of my music with giving back to the community. Just coming from a man who wants to see young people get ahead in life, I’m gonna do my best to to help and not hurt. If you’re a young man or a kid who looks up to me, don’t get caught up in the pimp, player, gangster hip-hop personas. Just be yourself.

Now, Too Short is NOT relevant as a rapper. I never thought he was any good. he has NO mike skills (i dont care what hip/hop purist say) and he’s not even that good with lyrics (that is also a skill and ability he’s lacking) but he seems  having  the art of sexual assault down to a science.

To encourage young black/latino males to force themselves onto young women (and i’m suspected they are going to be between 11-15) and thinking that this is somehow ‘acceptable’ is beyond redeemable. For XXL magazine to post this crap on their website without ‘vetting’ it for content is just fucking stupid. How the hell do you post a video of this clown telling boys to commit sexual assault and NO ONE FIGURED THAT OUT. Seriously WTF? Does someone REALLY get paid to manage online content for that site?

Now, in all fairness, Vanessa Satten, XXL editor in chief, claims that SHE doesn’t see all the content that is posted. Um, honey, WHY not? YOU are the editor in chief. At some point you need to VIEW the content of your own webpage. Call me paranoid. I wanna see what others are seeing on OUR site.

I want to be able to tell my readers and others that our content is worthy of their TIME and hopefully money. I can’t say “oh, i really dont have time to look at our own webpage, i’m just too busy.” WELL MAKE DAMN TIME. This is a first class example of why its important to review content.  You can ask the guy who posted “CHINK”  in reference to Jeremy Lin on the website, um, see where it got him?

Too Short’s half-assed apology didn’t make me want to support him either. Do NOT tell young boys to ‘be themselves’ why simultaneously telling them to sexually assault some poor girl who only has the dumb sense to like your clown ass. Now, I can just see it. One of these ‘stupid’ boys listens (and if they take his advice, they are stupid), and decides to do this, Is Too Short going to pay his defense attorney?? If this young boy is looking at 20 years in jail for sexual assault of a minor and a lifetime on the sex offenders registry, is Too Short going to provide for him financially? give him a job? Not at all. He’s going to say its not his fault that some poor kid ‘literally’ to his words and acted upon them. Nope, he’s totally 100% NOT responsible . Now this poor kid’s family will have to sell their souls to find and pay for an attorney who will work his ass off to get a deal from the prosecutor’s office to avoid any mandatory jail time. Too Short? He will be sitting right at home, chilling avoiding ANY responsibility as to his influence on this poor kids.

Instead of working with local sex-trafficking agencies in Oakland/San Francisco to get children, women AND young boys to AVOID getting caught up in sex trafficking, he’s teaching boys ‘Pimping 101″. oh yes, that’s a way to ‘give back’ to the community after bragging about how many women you’ve fucked and played for fools. Good Looking out, Short, Good looking out

Speaking of playing women for fools, what is the attraction of Lil Wayne? One of my girlfriends (who is 47) says he’s sexy. I’ve know her for what seems like a million years. I looked her dead in the eye and said “are you fucking kidding me?” he looks like a gremlin who hasn’t eaten in 4 days

what the hell is sexy about this??? She still has yet to give me a definitive answer. I cringe every time i see him online or on TV. When i read he was reproducing, i was like OH HELL NO. Why chick in her RIGHT MIND would willingly have sex with him. Apparently for Toya Carter, Nivea, Lauren London and some unidentified woman. So having 4 kids with 4 different women means what? Allegedly Lauren London and him were ‘secretly engaged and had a ‘private relationship’. What the hell does that mean? considering the fact them Lauren’s and Nivea’s children are only months apart? Someone’s been lying to someone. What concerns me is the fact that young men and women look up to him (for whatever reason) and like it or not, emulate celebrities behaviors. have 2 sons with 2 different women within 2.5 months means you were having UNPROTECTED SEX with both women. Lets be real. Now, its not as if Nivea doesn’t have OTHER children with her ex The Dream.  is it just me or why are women and men just throwing their seeds around like apples? Explain to me how flying your children and baby’s momma into town for christmas is an example of being a ‘good father’? Explain why women feel the need to ‘deal’ with the women who just had a baby by the guy SHE just had a baby with and say ‘its for the children’. If it were FOR the children, you would have thought about that before YOU had a child with this guy? Seriously, children aren’t GUCCI BAGS, they are living breathing human beings. Most black/latino children has enough issues without having to have a scorecard to see how they are related to someone. Children deserve BOTH parents. Not a half parent. Its a half parent when people are flying/driving/sending their children all across the world to ‘spend’ time with the other one. These women have the day in/day out responsibilities of parenthood. Sending your assistant to get your kid isn’t cute. These women also need to wake up. Think before bringing a child into the world. Relationships are hard enough when the person ISN’T famous, but having a child because someone sold you a good story isn’t cute. Now, i’m not privy to Wayne’s business. If i were, I’d advise him to get snipped. But dude seriously, stop knocking up every chick you sleep with more than twice. Unlike lil wayne, The average urban dude named Daquan can’t pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support payment. He can’t afford for his kids to ride in $590 strollers, wear $200 kids outfits. He’s probably has a criminal record, living with his mom and trying to get a job. So what is daddyhood to him? being mad and frustrated that he can’t give his kids the life he ‘thinks’ they are suppose to have, that pampers cost more than he thought, that this chick he had a baby with is now ‘not’ the same chick he was ‘kickin’ it with. Because again, that ” Too Short pimpin hoes hard training school” didn’t address how to take care of the children you are making during these sexual assaults.

so, let’s come up with something more than telling young boys that pimpin is real easy and sex without a condom has no consequences.