What I learned about relationship and men in 2011

What I learned about relationship and men in 2011

  1. If you don’t love yourself, how the hell can you expect anyone else too?
  2. Raise your self esteem.
  3. If he is an asshole in the beginning, he will continue to be an asshole. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING is going to change that.
  4. If he is not working, on parole, probation, laid-off, or can’t hold a job, WHY are you having sex with him? If the only thing he is bringing to the ‘relationship’ is his penis and ‘dreams’, why you are being bothered?
  5.  Full and total self-sufficiency makes you a good catch. You can’t claim to be ‘a good catch’ when your credit is bad, you and your kid(s) are living with your parents/relatives, you are on public assistance/section 8 or work any job that pays  ‘under the table’, you can’t afford to bills and you need help to keep a roof over your head and your pre-paid phone bill paid.
  6. Asking men to pay your bills with the implication of sex doesn’t make you a player, it makes you a prostitute. Get a real job and pay your own bills.
  7. You are not a member of the Kardasian family. Stop pretending that you are. It’s not a good look for them, and it’s not a good look for you.
  8. Unless and until his wife, the judge or the court documents say otherwise, he is STILL MARRIED.
  9. If you are not a sexual person, then stop pretending. Find someone who is sexually compatible to you.
  10. Having a baby does not mean anything other than you are having a baby. It does not make a relationship, solidify a relationship or legitimize a relationship.
  11. Know what you are: a booty call, a FWB, a jumpoff, a girlfriend, a partner, a wife or something in between.
  12. Know your status
  13. A person’s character tells you more than anything they can tell you.
  14. You can recover from a bad haircut, it takes years and therapy to recover from a bad relationship.
  15. Quit bouncing back and forth between the same people. Again, it’s not a good look for you or them.
  16. You cannot force yourself to have ‘chemistry’ with someone, you either have it or you don’t.  If you don’t, keep it moving.
  17. Chemistry and horniness are NOT mutually inclusive.
  18. Unless you are a first responder (police, fire rescue AND it is your occupation, i.e, you are PAID to do so) Stop trying to ‘rescue’ another person.
  19. Stop trying to ‘raise’ a grown man/woman. Unless you gave birth to them, it’s not your job.
  20. Marriage vows are NOT SUGGESTIONS.
  21. Stop trying to create ‘instant’ relationships and ‘instant’ families. Get to know someone (and not their representative). Stop trying to insinuate yourself into someone’s family when you have known them for a short period of time. Yes, you really look that desperate.
  22. There is nothing wrong with being by yourself.
  23. Your representative is just that, a representative. Try being you ALL the time, not a fraction thereof.

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