so what’s next?…

its been a long time. this recession is really messing with my finances. I mean honestly. can’t these people in Washington come up with something better than this? I’m really getting tired of this crap. why does it take 535 people to agree on something that the rest of us already know? i mean seriously? Let’s not even go with the 100 senators who can’t agree to like each other let alone figure out how to get us out of the mess THEY created. Seriously? These are no brainers

1. You can’t spend more than you take in. Basic math

2. Admit when you are wrong. Yes, its embarrassing, but you can move past that

3. Don’t pretend to be that religious. If you are, i suggest you join a convent, church, temple or monastery. No one really cares if you like young boys (as long as they are legal) when you claim that is against God’s law and you’ve gotten caught with one, don’t claim you got set up

4. Don’t pretend to support family values when your wife is an alcholic, your kids can’t stand you, your working on wife #4, your daughter is a drug addict and can’t stop having sex with your friends

5. Stop pretending you are not a racist. Having minority friends doesn’t exempt you from being one.

6. being poor does not equate to laziness

Now while the employment lines get longer, poverty is creeping up the middle class, at some point, common sense should kick in…