unrealistic expectations

I have realized that many people have unrealistic expectations. From life, to death, to relationships, we really do have this uncanny ability to NOT understand what we are getting into. For example, if a guy tells you that he is a bachelor and isn’t interested in getting married, why in the hell would you think he’s going to marry you? If you gossip about your coworkers and they find out, why do you NOT understand why they don’t want to hang out with you anymore? SERIOUSLY???

I have always been amused and offended by people who just honestly expected the cheating, no good bastard, baby making, lying, criminal man/boy you thought was going to do right by you didn’t. Or better yet, the stripper with the heart of gold and body of a porn star would somehow stop dancing nude for money now that she had a ‘nice guy’ in her life. Sucker. Seriously???

I have gone on many job interviews with temp agencies. I really thought that the recruiters knew something about the jobs they were filling. When one asked me what a JD was, i thought to myself. Is she really fucking serious? and she was. Now could i really, honestly expect them to find me a legal job? um.. totally unrealistic.

Once i worked as a security guard for the morgue. (It was quite interesting, but that’s another story) I was being paid $10 per hour to guard a $13 MILLION dollar facility… seriously? The average bank teller makes between $13-23 dollars per hour. and they are in the room with MILLIONS of dollars every day. When incidents occur with bank robberies and thefts, bank spokesmen claim they are ‘outraged’ and ‘bewildered” by these events. how about this. why don’t you PAY them? it really would cut down on that inside job thing.

Child care workers are paid between $7-10 dollars per hour to watch our children. Seriously?  and we wonder why there is such a high turnover rate in child care workers (we won’t talk about how bad some of our kids are-that’s another story)

We expect schools to turn our children into little Picasso’s, Beethoven Nobel Prize winnersand when they don’t we feel cheated. WTF seriously? try investing in TIME with your child, not money. Buying the latest computer game or the latest infomercial toy isn’t going to compare to spending an hour in the backyard or  in the park with your child.  That morality thing isn’t going to just sink into your child by osmosis. Really.

Unless you own the company, they are not going to really care about what you think. even if that’s what they hired you to do. The company doesn’t want to hear about how you can raise productivity, unless its something totally unrealistic and wont cost them any money but will bring millions to the company. They don’t really care about anything beneficial to employees unless it wont cost them any money, and those managers who can’t manage a wet paper bag? well, they aren’t going anywhere because they kiss :too many people who have power you don’t have” ass.  Yes, Really.

SO here’s what i’m going to do from now now when confronted with some absolutely unrealistic expectation.

1. remember that its only temporary. the expression on my face will pretty much say what i am thinking

2. I will remember that i don’t own this, literally and figuratively. (and if i do, i will remember Rule #1)

3. i will walk away thinking, … what a waste of genetic material….