first post

this is the first post… i should say something witty, but its 10:30pm and i’ve been surfing the web all day. So here goes. I’m going to write about everything, and nothing.

how stupid can you be to be a U.S. Representative (and married) and send random women pics of you and don’t think anyone will know

Really. the president wasn’t raised in Kenya. Really. NO. get over it. get a life. don’t be mad because a black man became president.

The economy didn’t fall apart because a black man became president. it fell apart because people in places higher than most of us were greedy.. very greedy and considered real money monopoly money and didn’t give a fat baby’s ass about loaning $100k to a people of color who worked at a fast food restaurant and made less than 17k per year.

Yes, those models are really that skinny. Its a damn shame too. There are 1 billion women in the world, only 10 of them are supermodels. There is nothing sexy about an anorexic 6 ft tall 17 yr old being the standard of beauty for the rest of us.

Dictators around the world are scared. Its tough to be a tyrant and even tougher with the internet telling all your business.

When the man/women you love cheats, lies on you, disrespects you, They’ve already made the decision for you. All you are doing to delaying the inevitable.

think three times before you have sex with someone, a baby is the least of your problems.